Feed up.being no one 2 my kids

Hi .ant bin on ear 4 bit.ive bin filling burning brain.taking vitamins as helped.but there's last couple days I ant felt to good.after 9yrs not seeing my kids.coz he toke um.and God I ant got over it.he bullied me .I left him .but said he ruin me.well he kids don't want go school. They r funfair people .So they living there life's . Y as for me I've bin waiting 4 the day wen they grow up.i ant bin well 4 6yrs.burning brains brought on bye my kids and family.ive bin left 4 dead.9yrs long time there dad got new partner don't want me anywhere her.they r like the u no way I'm dealing wiv.but if bin txtin um on instergram. They blocked me at 1st .it hurt so much .then they let me see there wall.i write everyday .satin nice stuf.then sum day I tell it as it is.y can't u txt me .I no y it's there dad.braine washed um.iv begged. But each time it up set me .I go down .sad crying altime. My husband .it's toke long time to get well .and I'm letting um do it again.sad coz I never done no think rong only leave .and o yeah I left being a funfair girl.i moved in a house I loved it .but funfair lot fault I was get in up to no good.i worked 4 to 5 houses 2day cleaning.and school and do everything . I let um go bk see him on weknds .I loved it time at last 4 me.but 5yrs wiv me .they went bk one weknd dint come bk.not even a phone call.i rung him after 30times he picked phone up said he's keeping the kids .God the shoke .made me hill.look 9 yrs of help . So I'm if instergram coz I can't keep being hurt y can't they txt .I no it him but they r older nice to txt or call.sad .So I'm gonna just keep well.thanks 4 Latin me have blow out 😂

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Wishing you well. Look for the light xx You are more than good enough.

Bright blessings



Sounds like you are having a hard time. I guess there is a limit to how much you can do in this situation. But please do look after yourself as well as you can.

You will always be their mother and they will always know that. For now, maybe the important thing is to make sure they know you will always be there for them when they need you X

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