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My eyes keep going blurry, sometimes one and then the other

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Does anyone know if this condition effects the eyes. My sight is fine but I keep having trouble with blurs in one eye and the next day it will be the other eye. Or the morning both and then it will calm.

Also my bones literally ache..

Good to join thank you

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Hi, yes I have the same. My eyes get quite blurry and sore. Have you had them tested recently? Maybe a shout?

Yes I get this a lot, it’s a lot worse when I’m tired x

Hello, yes, I get them almost everyday. I feel quite fuzzy and lose 70% of my eye sight. Very frustrating. I thought it might be long term covid and Lupus also causes this. Hope it helps.. L

Yes,I use eye drops as normally a sign that they are dry.

Sad to say that I also suffer from intermittent blurred vision. I get my eyes tested annually so suspect as others have stated that it is a result of fatigue. Wise though to check that there is no other reason .x

I am also the same. I have what I call 'good' (never brilliant) + 'bad' eye days x

Could it be dryness? Eye drops really help me.


I think you should call your GP immediately or get to an emergency ophthalmology center. There would be no way to know what is going on without your having eye exams. I think my friend with uveitis had similar symptoms to you. Some conditions need fast treatment with steroids.

Please don’t wait. Check back with us.


I got this for a couple of years. Saw a couple of opticians as referred by my GP, saw and Ophthalmologist who didn't pick up anything. They just kept saying my prescription hadn't changed. I told them my eyes blurred even with glasses on and ran tears randomly and had some pain. Not one of them picked up dry eye! Eventually I developed a cyst on my eyeball which finally got extremely dry eye diagnosed, a referral from the Ophthalmologist to a Rheumatologist and subsequently a diagnosis of Sjogrens and Lupus from that. As KayHimm has said it could be more serious so if you are in the UK, your GP should refer you for an eye check pretty quick. If I had known about dry eye etc.. at the start I would have pushed harder. Don't give up until you get a diagnosis and ask for someone who is familiar with dry eye conditions. There is much you can do with medications and treatments if you can get a proper diagnosis so don't worry.

I find my eyes get more blurry when they are dry. I find it I increase the application of drops then this usually improves but does take a while - it's not immediate unfortunately. I'm quite bad at applying drops during the day so this is usually a reminder that I should be doing it more often.

Worth checking with a specialist. I have similar problems and it has gradually got more painful and uncomfortable. I have been mentioning it to the GP for ages and was told dry eye was common and just use drops. It turns out I have Sjogrens as well as Lupus. This is the old enemy autoimmune problem attacking my eye. I have now received treatment which will not cure of course but should help to stabilise the condition. I have been told it could affect my sight if it remains untreated. Sadly I had to get a private consultation as it was impossible to get NHS appointments. But, eyes are so important.I am not saying that you have this problem - hope very much that you haven't - but worth treading carefully with these autoimmune issues.

Hi MJFFPlease do speak to your GP and get a referral to an othamologist & get a clear diagnosis to what’s causing your eye issue as some conditions need quick treatment to avoid loss or deterioration of sight. I feel we ourselves often put it down to it’s just our Lupus but for me Those symptoms lead to loss of sight in one eye & was not my Lupus at all.

I hope you get your help for whatever is causing it X

Hello MJFF. I agree with everyone above to have your eyes checked. Could be dry eyes which most of here seem to have and this needs supervision and special eye drops. And it could be a development of another AI condition. It’s frustrating isn’t it? I have dry eye and prescription eye drops. I’m relieved it is dry eye but my eyes still have blurriness; especially upon reading. Also, my last visit my eye prescription changed and cataracts are ready to come out. I’m holding off on that for a bit. Good luck! Titters

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