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CRT results

Hi......Hope you are having a reasonable week.

I have MCTD.

I have my bloods done every 2 months as I'm on Hydroxychloroquine and Mycophenolate. My CRT is about high. Does this just indicate inflammation or could it be that I've been a bit under the weather with a cough,lack of appetite etc.

While I was merrily googling I read a piece about some research which says I have a very high chance or having a heart attacks with high CRT. 😧

Anyone who knows about this ? I really could do with less to panic about. It's raining and very dark outside so I am still in bed but must get up in a minute. Sorry to be dismal.

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When you say CRT, could it actually be CRP which is a measure of inflammation? If it is CRP, 14 is slightly raised but, when I had 12, it was classed as normal. It can go over 100 which may put it into perspective. Certainly there is nothing to panic about.

I'm not familiar with 'CRT' so my apologies if I have misinterpreted. Xx


Sorry about my pathetic memory / concentration Clare I did mean CRP. So that's one less thing to stress about. The article (US)

Inferred that CRP above about 10 and you were very likely to have a heart attack. Clearly wrong. I must stop googling ! I'm usually quite laid back about all of this but yesterday was a bad day.

Thank you for replying.

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My crp is often around 14-19 - twice hit giddy heights of 160 when I had sepsis - not dead yet as far as I know!? If you are having a bad time then the crp of 14 is probably reflecting that for you. Inflammation more likely than heart with connective tissue diseases X


Crumbs re 160 Twitchytoes. Thank you for your response. Sometimes it's difficult to know if I'm alive but I usually am.

I have recently had the cough and digestive problems. Do you think our gut is dry too so making us bloated ? I ate a bowl of figs last night but it hAsn't made any difference. Looks as I'll have to try senna too.

Apart from that I hope you have completed your move and that it hasn't taken it's toll.


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