Well I had a very nice Easter weekend with all my children and grandchildren but now it is back to normal. On Saturday I was finding all sorts of reasons to sneak away for a quick little rest, and Sunday I wanted to but the house was much to busy. I had noticed my eyes were a bit puffy but decided it was lack of sleep. Yesterday it was a lot worse and this morning I can barely open my eyes and have heavy pouches on face. I am waiting for doctors office to open now so I can get appointment. My question is do I just say I have facial edema and expect that will get me in today? Or is there a better complaint I should use? Thank you and any other advice about this would be appreciated too.

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  • Kidneys or liver dysfunction, either can cause water retention around your eyes, so I'd say that's serious. Let us know how you're getting on.

  • Thank you, Purpletop, still waiting for them to answer phone.

  • orbital celulitis is also a possibility, only snag may get u sent to hospital for i.v anti biotics :(

  • Well thanks for the heads up on that one scoobydoo1. It is in my cheeks too so maybe not that ??

  • My daughter had orbital cellulitis when she was only 4 , due to an ordinary ear nose n throat infection , anyway you really shouldn't feel as if you have a good enough condition to justify seeing your Dr , if you are ever worried about anything, no matter how small you should feel comfortable seeking medical advice. Good luck and keep me posted . : )

  • I have an appointment in an hour but not with my regular GP, he is out of town. Well I hope his replacement is on his game.

  • Let us know!

  • Well, I am back home and not in hospital so, that is a good thing! Very nice soft spoken man that was very calming. He right away zoned in on the Liver and Kidneys, Purpletop, and I have already gave up more blood for function tests, trying a 24 urine test again, blood preasure is up and of course I have a new prescription for Predisone. I took a pic of my face this morning which was pretty impressive so I didn't have to explain a lot.

  • If the blood pressure is up then it is likely that the kidneys are involved. When are you getting the results back?

  • I will do my 24 hour tomorrow so I don't know. It will probably have to go to city for results.

  • Hope all goes well with results, l also suffer from kidney involvement, l have a wonderful Renal consultant and he deals with all my related Problems quickly and efficiently. Let me know how you get on . : ) Even though l hate Prednisone and all its side effects , it always seems that when my consultant tweaks my dosage it does the job .

  • glad you are back home.

  • I hope things are going better chaper, and am very glad you posted about this. Thanks also to all you guys! I never thought to take a photo when this is happening to me, and now i will.

    This sort of Edema has been happening to me off and on for years before my SLE diagnosis a couple years ago. For whatever reason, it has happened less now I've been on plaquenil 400mg for nearly 2 yrs. whatever, this water retention in all the tissues around my eyes, It was awful and usually came on during what I now know was a SLE flare, since apparently i've had le all my life. Whatever. No gp ever suggested this edema could be a sign of anything significant & all I was told was to rub one or another Rx steroid cream (all of which had instructions that said not to use near eyes) Of course, these creams never helped and actually made my skin react with hot prickles. So all I could do was wait and hope until the Edema resolved, which lways it did after a bit. But hard to see properly like that, and scary.

    Who knows why I get this, but at least your post chapter, and all these great replies, mean in future I can feel more confident about asking questions and suggesting causes

  • Brilliant , knowledge is POWER, good luck with your recovery > : )

  • Thank you all for answers, nice to have the feed back. Day three on Prednisone and edema has gone down a lot - still a little puffy in morning but almost normal by bedtime. Now I am dealing with the very rosey face, which doesn't know for sure how it wants to be treated. My husband and I were scheduled for a trip home today for a couple weeks off from his work, but that has been put on hold. It is a very long drive and I don't think would be the best thing to do right now. Hopefully next week I will get all good results from doc, he will say its just a flare that we caught early, and I will feel more like traveling.

    I have one guilty confession to make, I know it is selfish, but hopefully you guys understand. My 3 children (one very handsome intelligent son and 2 absolutely gorgeous caring daughters), after 2 years of Mom having some bad days that they never witnessed and good days that they did, were not really too worried. Our family Easter was at my son's home and there were 19 of us in house (it is a big house), but it was noticed that I was taking a lot of quiet time. I am sure they thought I was just hiding but as the days progressed and my face was blowing up they were stunned, was actually like they had only just realized there really was a problem with old mom. Of course I was not feeling very good, but I did get that feeling - you know when your doctor finally acknowledges your symptoms - and I was happy I didn't have to explain, they could see it. Visual always works better than words. I don't want them worrying about me everyday but I do want them to know I am not faking it. OK, confession over.


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