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always sick


hi everyone. i am a college student, who always seems to get sick. within the past three months i have tested positive for mono, influenza A, Influenza B, step throat, bronchitis, and double esr infections. is there an underlying problem that could be causing the lack of immune system i happen to have like some sort of autoimmune disease? im sick of being exhausted and feeling like crap all the time.

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I believe that most of us with auto immune diseases have an over active immune system or at least one that is confused and attacks healthy cells in the body. One of the reason many of us get infections easily is because we are on medication to suppress our immune system.

I would suggest getting checked by your doctor to see if there is a reason behind your issues. I did have mono when I was younger and I believe it is hard on your body, I was sick and weak for a long time and maybe you were run down and more susceptible to catching other things.

That is a lot of things to deal with at one time and I think it is important to check with your doctor and ask them. I do know when your body is run down from one thing it is easier to catch other things you are exposed to.

I am sorry to hear you are going through so much in such a short time and hope you feel better soon.

Hugs Tammy

I think you should see an allergist to make sure you don't have an immune deficiency. When I was in my early twenties I had tonsillitis 8 times and six months and they removed my tonsils and adenoids. I also had abscessed teeth all the time or abscesses on my skin. Around that time I develop Ankylosing Spondylitis yet it was almost 30 years before it was diagnosed. Some people believe that an infectious event can trigger some of these autoimmune diseases if you have the correct gene. Like I have the HLA - B27 gene which ninety-two 95% of the people with Ankylosing Spondylitis have that gene. First, I'd see an allergist (they are also immuneoligist or whatever it's called lol) I'd also be aware if you develop joint pain, rashed, fatigue, etc...them you'd see a rheumatologist.

I agree with Atibrat. People wit autoimmune conditions generally have poor immunity due to their meds which stop our bodies over reacting. I suggest you return to your doctor to have blood tests for immunoglobulin, to check to see if your are producing antibodies correctly. Once you have one virus and your defences are low it allows others in, however, most active immune systems can protect you from reoccuring infections.

It seems our body's immune system is overactive but also misdirected attacking us instead of where it should ne attacking infections etc .

You definitely need to have your immune system checked. It is a relatively simple blood test that should be handeled by an immunologist or by a contagious disease specialist. The test results need to be looked at by a specialist. If your preliminary results indicate that there may be a problem further testing will be required to ensure that you will receive the correct diagnosis. Your symptoms sound very familiar to me, although the immune system is pretty complicated and there may be all sorts of variables. It's true that some medications can have serious affects on your immune system, but there are all sorts of possibilities. I have Primary Immune Disease, specifically CVID, but did not get diagnosed until I was in my 40's. I spent many, many years sick with no answers. PID is congenital so, I basically suffered for most of my life without any understanding of what was it that made me so different. Before you suffer anymore you should be checked just to rule it out. If you do test poorly and are told that your immune system is truly to blame you will need to find the very best specialist that you can afford in order to get treatment. Fortunately, PID is rare, but if you have it there is no cure, only treatment for life. The good news is that you will get some answers.

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