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I'm Sick

I'm sick of feeling like the world's about to end,

I'm sick of feeling like I'm loosing my friends,

I'm being left behind,

Loosing my hope and loosing my Mind

I'm sick of being sad and glad to be alone

I'm sick of not ever being at home

I'm sick of being inconsolable by you

I'm sick of what I'm putting you through

I'm sick or hurting and lying about the pain

I'm sick of saying sorry, again, again and again.

I'm sick of knowing everything

with nothing to do

I'm sick of myself, I'm not the same girl you knew.

I'm sick of the lies and the cries even more.

I'm sick like I've never been sick before.

I'm sick of being sick!

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Totally fabulous! Sums it up nicely and everyone can identify with this!


Absolutely spot on, excellent description!


yep thats how i feel hun x


Sums up exactly how I feel :-( xxx


Put so very well, sums up so much


Very good hun, but also very sad that we can all relate to feeling that way :o( x


Fantastic poem, spot on and well done :) x x x x


Again can totally relate, how apt x


oh took my breath away, what a great poem, says it all x


What a wonderful poet you are and straight to the point without too many words. You have connected with loads of people and spoken for so many people and explained to those of us who do not suffer from your illness just exactly what it feels like for those others out there who cannot express themselves so well.


Well said! x


Oh yes!!!!! So true. Fab poem xx


I thought I was the only person feeling that way !! Well done for being able to put it down in writing xx


Thank you everyone for responding to my vent.

It's good to know that I'm not alone in how I feel.xxxx


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