Alt levels high

Has anyone with lupus experienced alt level high mine was 109 and now 140. I'm doing a sonogram today but what would the cause of that be? I know it's not methotrexate bc I moved and was off every meds for 2 months until now bc I recently found a good doctor. Can anyone help me. What can I do to lower my levels and is this normal for lupus patients? I'm freaking out I don't want it to be anything life threating. Please help

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  • Hi, I'm having a similar problem at the moment and have been doing some reading. It could in rare cases be from lupus attacking the liver, however there are also lots of other things that can cause it like alcohol consumption and problems with other organs like the gallbladder, or some people even have what's called a fatty liver. I'm worried myself as I have extremely high levels of smooth muscle anti bodies, which is unusual in people with lupus, these antibodies have the ability to cause a condition called autoimmune hepatitis, so I'm hoping it's not that as my immune suppressants have been halfed at the moment to see if that makes a difference. I think the ultrasound will be good (I've also been referred for one) as they can check the liver for any structural problems and look at the other organs around it like the gallbladder. I hope you get some answers soon. Let me know how you get on x

  • Kelfreem thank you so much and good luck with yours as well I will repost my update after the sonogram

  • I have high ALT, AST and LDH but normal CPK. It could be muscles inflammation related.

  • My Alt has been really high for few months, once it was like 200+ doctors can't find any reason, have seen consultant and had sonogram and that didn't show any liver damage, now all the liver functions have come back to normal. My consultant was saying next step will be to do a liver biopsy which scared me so I said no for it. My liver functions just play sometimes then they come back to normal. Now for a while they have been normal.

  • I hope that's the case with me

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