Butterfly Pigmentation Lines

Butterfly Pigmentation Lines

Hi Guys

I have discoid lupus but my symptoms are unusual and wondered if anyone has the same or similar symptoms/ experience. I have dark skin and have butterfly pigmentation around the eyes, chin and lower cheeks. Medication increases my pigmentation so I use natural remedies. I have indented pigmented lines running from my inner eyes running across my cheeks which draws attention to my face. Research suggests it is tear troughs lines and cosmetic collagen fillers as a solution. I am against fillers and know that these pigmented indents in my skin are caused by lupus. Doctors and specialists failed to address this problem and it has become worse and more obvious. Grateful for your response as this affects my self-confidence.



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  • Hi I don't have discoid lupus, sle but I have bad pigmentation on my face and know how you feel . Sun seems to be my problem... even wearing factor 50+ vigorously on holiday I have a beard of it! And up my cheek bones speckled. Doctors not much use so far, wouldn't even prescribe sun lotion. I've got rheumatologist in few weeks so on my list to quiz, it's really clear at moment. Trying to use make ups to tone it down...

  • Hi Gizmok9 - I try using makeup as well but that can be a pain. Was hoping someone found something that worked to eliminate pigmentation discolouring.

  • Hi Jazi,

    Which treatment were you taking for lupus which seems to have affected your pigmentation? Was it hydroxychloroquine? Did you discuss other possible treatment options with your consultant?

    If the pigmentation changes affect your self-confidence, you may wish to look at skin camouflage? We wrote a blog about it last year which you can read at lupusuk.org.uk/skin-camoufl...

    Gizmok9 has also raised an important point about light sensitivity. Are you taking sufficient precautions against exposure to UV? If you need more information about this we have another blog article at lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

  • Thanks for the information.


  • I quizzed my rheumatologist and getting referred to a dermatologist now so see what they think... so fingers crossed...

  • Let us know the outcome. Best of luck.

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