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Finally plucked up courage and went to see my GP!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and have found all the posts really helpful and can relate to a lot of them.

I haven't been diagnosed with lupus and I don't know that much about it but my symptoms all point to having this illness.

I'm 44yrs old and 4yrs ago I had a hip replacement and need my other one doing soon, the doctors say it's osteoarthritis, my other symptoms are recurring eye problems, dry eyes, eyes sensitive to light/sun, painful joints in hands, pins and needles and numbness in my hands, aching limbs, fatigue, race across my cheeks, all which Ive suffered for a few years and most recently hair loss, b12 deficiency and Ive been diagnosed with trimethylaminuria which is quite rare but I'm wondering if this could be down to lupus (if I have it).

For awhile now Ive been thinking maybe I was mis diagnosed with osteoarthritis but I didn't really want to tell my GP I think professionals could of got it wrong but after months of being in pain and suffering I thought Ive had enough so I finally plucked up courage and went to see my GP, she was brilliant, I have to have bloods and X-rays done then hopefully a referral.

Im sure my partner thinks I'm a hypochondriac so fingers crossed that I get some kind of diagnosis.

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Hi Sun-Flowers and welcome. I can't comment on the likelihood of your problems being due to Lupus or not but just wanted to say well done for being proactive with your health and I'm glad the GP was so good - hopefully you will get some clarity soon although if not, you will be in the same boat as many of us here. It can take a long time to get a diagnosis but if your bloods are positive this helps a lot - if not you may have to hang in there and keep fighting your ground.

Either way, knowledge is power.



Hi Twitchytoes, thank you for your reply.

It took me 5yrs to get a diagnosis for my trimethylaminuria so I'm kind of getting used to the slow process of getting any help or answers and I do feel for those members who are suffering a great deal and their results come back negative and aren't given any help at all, Im just hoping this doesn't happen to me too.

I will continue to read the daily posts on here as I'm getting great comfort knowing I'm not on my own, once again thank you.

Sun-flowers x

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Hi sunflowers

Welcome to the forum, hope you like being here and it's helpful. Glad it inspired you to go to your GP because your history certainly sounds like a possible auto- immune illness. If you get a positive ANA in your bloods this will mean your in that area although it's non specific for lupus. Your GP will refer you to s Rheumy who will do more specialised tests and hopefully come up with a diagnosis and treatment. Best of luck with it and keep us posted. X


Hi misty14

Thank you for your reply and giving me the info about blood results, there's so much more to Lupus than I actually thought! Looks like this is the beginning of a long trek and I certainly will let you know how I get on, thank you x


Hi Sunflowers

These immune illnesses are very complicated, I've learn't new things thanks to forum this week!. Do as much research as you can but stick with a trusted site like Lupus UK's. The road to diagnosis can be a long one but I'm sure you will make it. Keep sharing and I look forward to hearing how you fare. Glad to help.x


Hi and welcome. What a lovely list of symptoms! Well done for going to the GP and I'm glad you were taken seriously. The waiting cant be harder than not knowing. At least you will be on the right track then. My advice in the meantime is to keep a diary. Make a note of what you do activity wise, how it makes you feel. If you are in the sun, does the rash get worse? What you eat and drink, any affects? etc Its something to take back. Also if sleeps affected, why what hurts and when. Does moving relieve it. It just speeds up the process. All the best.

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Hi Johore

Thank you for your advice, I certainly will start a diary now you've mentioned it, I always tend to babble and forget to mention half of the things I wanted to say when I'm at the doctors so yes that is a great idea, thanks x


Hi Sun-flowers,

Good luck with your investigations. I hope that they lead to a satisfactory diagnosis and a treatment plan which will help to alleviate your symptoms. Keep us updated with how you get on.

If you need any more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at


Hi Paul_Howard

I'm finding out so much more about Lupus on this site so I certainly will request a free pack, thank you for this information and as soon as I find out what's going on with me I will without a doubt be back here for help and advice and hopefully in the future I myself will be able to help others, I really do appreciate the messages Ive received, thank you.

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