The HealthUnlocked iPhone App has been launched!

The HealthUnlocked iPhone App has been launched!

HealthUnlocked have made it easier than ever to connect with other people with the same health condition as you.

The free new iPhone app is ready for download.

It is currently only available to members in the UK, but they will be rolling it out further shortly.

You can download the iPhone app from the Apple App store at

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  • Hi Paul, I've downloaded the app and typing this from there. I like the layout and all seems to work well. Only thing is that I don't seem to be able to search within the Lupus UK group, there's only the option to search the whole app. Anyone found a way to do this? Usually when I'm having a new symptom or have a new question I do a search first to see if someone else has found the answer before me, but this only really works if you search within the relevant group. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Hi LuckyJC,

    Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone so I cannot test it and try and find an answer for you myself. Hopefully somebody else may be able to let you know if this is possible.

    The HU team have asked people using the new app to ask any questions and give feedback in their community here -

  • Is this just for iphones?could I not use it for Samsung android phone?

  • Hi lisagem,

    At the moment the app has only been released for iPhones, so it cannot be used on an android device. An app for android devices is planned for the future, until then you can still access HealthUnlocked using the internet browser on your phone.

  • OK thank you

  • 👍👍👍👍 downloaded mine yesterday 😆🍀😘

  • When will we have an Android app?

  • There isn't a date set for this at the moment, but it is planned.

  • Soon please, as many of us use Android as I pad y'know!!

  • I was using the odd one when it came as a trail . Will defo download this

  • Hi can you tell me how I can use the app? I downloaded to my iPad and tried to register and it said that user name and password already exist...yes, it's me! How do I by pass this? Is the app just the same as getting the daily feed on email?

  • Just below the register bit there's a section to log in

  • Hi I tried that and it just keeps telling me that name is already registered! Grrrr

  • Honestly I've been using the app . It's terrible . When I clicked on my communities in says I don't belong to one . When I do in fact follow lupus U.K. . It won't let me reply to my own posts using the app . I've just gone back to using it on my phones browser

  • Hi LouLamb,

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't find the app very helpful. I'm sure that the HealthUnlocked team would be very grateful for your feedback. Please feel free to contact them about the problems you experienced at or

  • Hi bestbuddy,

    You are best to contact the HU support team directly for assistance with this. You can email them at or go to

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