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Do you use any smartphone apps to help manage your lupus?

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We don't have a guest blogger for this month, so instead I'm putting together a list of smartphone and tablet apps that are helpful for different aspects of living with lupus. If you use any great apps I'd really love any recommendations for the list. Please let me know whether they are on android or iphone too. Thank you.

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Not an app - I make sure to use the hell out of my calender by emailing invites to my self via outlook.

I also email myself todo lists, shopping lists so that they are always close to hand

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I use the app, "Call Recorder" on my android. This enables me to replay calls that have been made or received, as I tend to forget the conversations I have. This app enables me to recall them in their entirety.

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Hi Paul, I use a relaxation app, like many sufferers I have problems sleeping, often going to sleep is easy but wake with pain. Having had counselling to come to terms with SLE and it's impact she advised me to 'give into the pain' and to try relaxation, therefore I downloaded a complete hypnosis relaxation app (on android) 'Deep Relax - Darren Marks Hypnosis. I think it cost me around 60-70 pence but it is well worth it. I'm aware there are other apps available that are free too.

Relaxing music and a voice-over that is soothing often helps.


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I use the Chronic Pain Diary app on my iPhone. It's really easy to use and you can record different symptoms and treatments you're having and then view them on a graph.

I showed it to my rheumatologist today so he could see that my current pain relief was not managing the pain levels I was experiencing, particularly at night. He had now changed my medication.

Highly recommended!

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I use this too and find it invaluable

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Please I am interested to use this app too . kindly guide me how to use it too .


I have installed an app called Voice Record Pro on my iphone. I use it to record my conversations with the drs as I always forget what has been said. Easy to use and good quality sound.

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