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As requested in another post I'm putting this separately for more people to see. My local GP and pharmacy stock the message in a bottle system promoted by the Lions. It gives you a pill type container that has all your relevant contact details, medical information, medication, a note of where this is kept together with where a copy of your prescription list can be found etc etc. The form with all the information in goes back in the container and this is put in the door of your fridge as it's the last thing to go up in a fire. One of the stickers that come with it is then put on the fridge door and the other one goes on the inside of your front door so it's seen by emergency services as they leave and this tells them to fetch the canister from your fridge. All the emergency services are aware of the system apparently. It's a very clever idea and all free of charge - if anyone wants to look into it and get a canister details can be found at

Similarly Apple have a built in medical alert and emergency contact facility built into the iPhone that most people are unaware of - although god knows why they don't advertise it more! It's a free app that's already loaded on the phone under "health" and enables your emergency details to be accessed without needing your PIN number to open the phone. Rather than risk missing something by explaining it I've found a website on this one too that takes you through the process of setting it up

Both systems are fantastic ideas for those of us with health problems but I've also got the rest of my family to set both of these up even though they don't have medical problems as they are just a fantastic idea anyway and accidents happen to everyone no matter what their health is like.

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  • Thanks mifford, that sounds great. I've just send off for my message in a bottle x

  • Thanks Mifford, just requested mine 😀

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you Mifford, I have just filled in the information on my iPhone app. I just never opened it so didn't realise it would be so informative and useful. I will now let my husband know that I have this information on my phone for medical emergency.

    I have also sent for the Message in a Bottle.

  • Tell him to set up his as well :). I know loads of people who have "ice" numbers stored in their phone that can't be accessed by anyone that doesn't know their phone pin but they don't have the iPhone medical ID stuff filled in where they can put the same info and have it accessible. I use it as a nice reminder of what I'm taking and my diagnosis etc whenever I see any new doctors etc as otherwise I forget something - now I just pull up the screen and hand it to them - soooo much easier 😊

  • Yes it's so much easier. Iv'e just tried it and will be letting all my friends know who have an iPhone.

    Have a great day 🙏🏽💐

  • I didn't know about the message in a bottle. Good find! I have the iPhone app and can heartily recommend it. It's saved my skin once already

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