The HealthUnlocked app is here - download it today :-)

The HealthUnlocked app is here - download it today :-)

We have a very exciting announcement on our blog today… the launch of our first ever HealthUnlocked app :-).

More and more people are turning to HealthUnlocked for support and help and we all know that managing our own health has never been so important. We wanted to make this as easy as possible, which is one of the reasons we have been developing a new app for iPhone.

The app, which is based on feedback from our users around accessibility on the go, brings all the benefits of the website into one place. Essentially (just like the website), you can join and visit communities, follow others, write posts, upload images, search for content, private message, write and respond to posts, and more.

We’ve been working on this app for a while, getting people to test it and ensure that the technology is right, before working on it further, just to make sure it’s as good as it can be. This week we are delighted to have given it the green light and put it into the app store.

More information on the app is on our blog:

Available for use on iPhone the app can be downloaded from the Apple App store:

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  • Hi

    Still disappointed, tried to reply to two post, received red banner try again.

    Annoying when the reply was long and then vanish gone.

    Tried to join this forum on iPhone, no joy had to use iPad.

    Still missing several forum features.

    The better option is the current mobile version.

  • Hi stone-UK,

    Sorry your experience has been anything less than ideal so far. We were aware of the replies bug you’ve mentioned and fixed it last week.

    You’ll have to update your version of the app and, to be safe, log out and back in again, and it should then all work completely fine. If you experience any further problems just send a note to


  • When available for Android users??

  • It's only currently available on iPhone. We are looking at options around android and will keep you posted.

  • Too bad it is just apple - I have a Samsung

  • Same😥

  • Hi

    Just noticed on the reviews it shows passwords and not usernames

  • Hi Stone-UK - i'm not sure exactly what you mean. Please do email and they will be able to discuss this with you and provide you with some support

  • Hi thanks e-mail sent with photo.

    If you locate app in App Store, click on reviews, next to star rating you will see the members HU password.

  • Those are users' usernames for Apple

  • AlexaHU Where can I go to get instruction on how on to do those things on the website?

  • Hi bavery207 - you can email with any questions you have

  • Can't wait to get this in the U.S. Hope it's soon!

  • For some reason, the HU is not working. Today, I received 2 messages, but although I had a "notification", when I opened the app, nothing was there.

  • Hi lupus-support1 - please email and they can help you with this.

  • But I don't have an iPhone and I would really like the app instead of going into my browser every time :-/ already tried to find it in my app store for android galaxy phone but only available for iphones. When will the app be available to me???

  • I hope an Android app is launched soon. Loads of people have Android phones and it would be so much easier for us to click on an app

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