Letter with Diagnosis - Unsure what Tests mean?

So I had my letter from the Lupus Clinic today with a Diagnosis of Hughes Syndrome/Sjogrens and Lupus although some of my antibody tests were negative.

What does a ANA Positive 1:320 Speckled and Diffused mean?

Strange as in the biggest flare of my life but CRP and ESR were normal but WBC/Neutrophils were very high, as were Haemoglobin (I assume that is from the Hughes???) also although I was diagnosed from past blood tests/lupus rash pictures and all the symptoms of these disease a lot of my blood tests were normal - is that normal?

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  • Hi riannabri,

    This page gives a bit more information about the different patterns of ANA - labtestsonline.org/understa...

    Blood test results can vary a lot between people and whilst some people may have levels that fluctuate with disease activity, in others this may not always be observed.

  • Thanks Paul,

    I also had a Positive Anti-Cardiolipin IgM do you have any details on that?

  • There is a lot of info on the Hughes Charity website. Also there is a Hughes forum here at HU.

  • Hi riannabri,

    You can read more about this test at aps-support.org.uk/about-ap...

  • Thanks Paul - all the buses have come along at once positive for the lot Hughes/Lupus/Sjögren's, being told they can treat the hughes (unsure how) but not the Lupus/Sjögren's - I posted why in another thread - devastating!!!!

  • Hi riannabri,

    You can learn about the treatment of Hughes at aps-support.org.uk/about-ap...

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