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Am I being dramatic?

Hi folks. Over the past few years Ive had a few weeks every couple of months when I feel pretty dreadful. Lumps in my glands (neck & groin) tired, anaemic, breathless and at times a rash on my face & chest. Never any particular joint pain (except now but I think thats a running injury). My eyesight plays up (poor focus, dry eyes) and sometimes my head seems muddled, I cant always get the words out right and forget things. Ive put my symptoms down to nightshifts, busy life & perhaps doing too much. But i have realised there are times when I feel particularly ill but there's no link to hormones, shifts etc. that could have caused it. I have suffered with anaemia (put down to ?heavy periods) and has blood in my urine 2 years ago (no reason found on investigation).. I dont want to go to the GP sounding crazy but I read up on Lupus for something related to work and could tick nearly every box. In between these times of feeling crap, I have quite alot of energy & feel relatively normal. Theyre all quite subtle symptoms, that could be lots of other things. Im on iron tablets and have been for about 2 months so shouldnt be anaemic but I have felt off-it for the past fortnight. What do you people think?

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Sounds like you have found a cause. When I read up on how I feel on the internet. Everything seems to fit. Have you seen a dr. They can do blood tests to rule out anaemia which can make you exhausted. Also blood tests for autoimmune diseases You sound like Me you know what is going on in your body. Good luck on tracking down what ever it is. There is something wrong find it.


Hi Dougie

It sounds to me on reading your symptoms that you need to see your GP to have an ANA test and anemia check too to see how it is. This should be investigated as to cause!. The ANA test is the first step to having a diagnosis because if it's positive it will mean there is something wrong with your immune system and further more specific blood tests are needed by a Rheumatologist. GP can then refer you. I do feel that you could have a lupus- like illness because of the way you say it can vary with periods of being ill and well. This is very much a feature of lupus but there are many other immune illnesses with similar symptoms that can also be ruled out. The pattern of ANA will also show this. Good luck and hope I've helped. X


It's been said really, I just wanted to add that you must see a Dr and push for a referral to a rheumatologist.

Take care and keep us informed. 😊


I agree with what has previously been said. I don't think you should ignore long term swollen glands or fatigue. Anaemia could be the cause which could fluctuate hence the transient nature of the fatigue and other symptoms. However, this is not likely to produce swollen glands. If your immunity is low generally you are more likely to open to reoccurring infections, which may or may not be due to a long term autoimmune cause, with your body overreacting. Definitely seek help from your GP. A blood test will show if your white count is low, and if the GP is good he may think of and ANA for lupus. Thyroid problems can also give you some of these symptoms, again but not all. But theres nothing to say that there could be a few things running along side each other.

In the mean time please do not worry and don't take no for an answer with your GP.(Write it down in a list, it helps to keep you focused).


Hello. You've had great replies. So I don't need to add much. I agree you need to see your GP. Book a proper appointment so you don't have those awful 5/10 minute things. Take notes of your symptoms so you don't forget anything. Tell them you think it might be auto immune in nature and possibly lupus. If you get any rashes or skin issues photograph them, as with lupus they can come and go very quickly. And let us know how you get on. Good luck.


Could be like you say busy life and doing too much. Even really bad health issues can be managed by most with the right life conditions. Sadly, life is generally very stressful for most people. Even night shifts messes with you body clock and biorhythms and thus causes imbalance and body to go hay wire. Many suffer with anaemia and may be you need the right diet for your type. Advice to eat red meat for anaemia didn't work for me, but finding the diet that suits me did. I had iron tablets but they damaged my liver made me constipated and pass black stools - depends on the iron tablets if they help or not - a lottery it seems. I use good diet, staying in control, stress management, exercise and the right amount of rest to help with symptoms of lupus. Getting out and vit D are also important. We are subjected to a large amount of toxicity from the air flight paths, traffic fumes, building dust, chemicals in the air and food - so many things, but we can only do our best - no magic pill it seems!

All the best with sorting your health and keep positive that your body can heal itself.


Hi Dougie42,

I am sorry to hear that you have periods where you feel poorly. People with lupus can experience periods of remission where their lupus is controlled and they feel relatively better; periods of remission vary from person to person.

Tiredness, rashes and dry eyes are all symptoms associated with lupus. People with lupus are likely to become anaemic due to a poor production of red cells in the bone marrow, side-effects of medication as well as the common causes like bleeding, low iron or vitamin B12. To find out more have a read of our factsheet ‘LUPUS: and Blood Disorders’ here:

It is advised to speak to your GP about having an ANA test. This test will allow the GP to understand whether you may or may not have an autoimmune condition and thus, provide you with the most relevant treatment.

If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download one of our free packs at

Wishing you the best of luck, let us know how you get on.


Hi. Go with your instinct and choose wisely, you are not dramatic.

For example, urine in blood usually means something but if a GP or a urologist could not find a cause it does not mean that you are in good health, only that whatever sickness you have is not within the scope of their field of specialization.

I strongly suggest you to see a NEPHROLOGIST, even more if you suffer from unexplained side/back pain, ankles or hands fingers swelling, ocasional bad odor in urine, darker coloration or mild incontinence.

Autoimmune disorders are diagnosed by Rheumatologist, but you will need several blood tests to identify if you have anything of this sort. Lupus, Sjogrens, APS, UCTD, scleroderma and more share similar symptoms.... just breathe, go to a Dr and try to be your best friend, take good care of you :)

Best of luck!


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