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Had a text today to inform me that next Tuesday I have my assessment which will be at my home .I tried to claim 3 yrs ago & got refused I'm hoping that this time they will see what my life is like & that it's not going to be refused again as I don't think I could cope with all the stress of appeals again .fingers crossed.


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  • Good luck Charmaine. I had mine recently and had a retired nurse who could not have be more sympathetic. I had no hoops to jump through. She asked the questions and my husband and I just answered. She gave me advice re social services for more aids and was empathetic over my useless GP and suggested contacting PALS.

    Fingers crossed you get a good assessor. They cannot deny the evidence of their own eyes if you are struggling every day.

    Please let us know how it goes, and the result. My result is pending.

    Best wishes and a hug


  • I very much hope that all goes well for you.

  • Thanks fingers crossed for you too x

  • Check out the benefits and work site, they have some fantastic guidelines for the whole process

  • Thanks will do .x

  • Hi Charmaine

    Good luck for your PIP assessment. Hope it goes well and you get the right result. If you have any queries or need to appeal afterwards contact Citizens Advice who will help. They also have a good website of benefit information , worth looking at before the assessment. Fingers crossed. X

  • Good luck will be praying

  • I have my PIP assessment at a centre in Newcastle on Tuesday but minor confident I can't explain how I feel to someone I've never met in such a short space of time?? Before all this I worked 40 + hours a week and brought in a pretty good wage. Now part time I just about make enough to keep the roof over our heads and food in his belly (my son 18 month old) working full time as earning my own money would be what I'd choose any day over living with this illness that sometimes has no visible signed to those who don't understand it. Just hope I have a good day and can actually get dressed and motivated in time for the appointment 😕

  • I was the same working full time then had to cut my hours but off sick from work . I hate being ill all the time each day is so different it's hard to explain to the pip assessors what you feel like, done mine today & fingers crossed for a good outcome & for you x

  • I have my PIP assessment tomorrow in my home. It's completely freaking me out. How can someone who has never met me assess what I go through daily. Charmaineholmes how did yours go?

  • I just told them my daily struggle. My husband was with me as I can forget things .I have received my pip for next 4yrs then have to reapply. Didn't get mobility side as only scored 4 points .good luck for 2morrow let us know how you get on .x

  • Hi, glad they were able to see ypur daily struggle. It wasn't as daunting as I thought. The nurse was very understanding because my conditions are very rare she had to Google them last night although I had attached information for them in the pack. I'm just waiting now on her completing her report and I should know in 6-8 weeks. She said if it was up to her she wold give me the highest rate. Although I'd say she tells everyone that.

  • Hi glad your assessment went ok.hopefully not waiting too long for a good outcome. I had my assessment &found out about 3 wks later .keep fingers crossed for you. X

  • Thank you I appreciate that xx

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