Sharp rise in cholesterol

I've just had my blood tests results from the GP - my cholesterol has jumped to 7.5!

I've never had it that high. 2 months ago it was 4.5, last month it was 6.2 and now this.

No change in meds for the past year, so I'm baffled.

The GP wants to repeat the test but given last month' reading (which I thought was a fluke at the time), it's more likely that it's a true reading.

Any ideas as to cause?

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  • I wonder if it's nephritis, that usually causes spike in cholesterol. I've just asked my GP to send a urine sample for me tomorrow to the lab, check for protein leak πŸ˜”

  •, you got me checking my historic diet has consistently stayed antiinflammation for a lonnnng time. So menopause & inflammatory process seem the main influences. (All the legit lupus & sjogrens research I read indicates these conditions go hand in hand with higher cholesterol levels)

    But since my relatively early menopause, my results have bounced around from 6.5 to 7.17 and back to 6.4. Rheumatology & my gp don't want me on statins. I just try not to think about my stats....and my father's early onset heart disease (ehlers danlos related)...and the fact immune dysfunction + connective tissue disorders are known to involve higher cholesterol stats.

    Am looking forward to following your replies

    πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜ coco

  • I know, all these can cause high cholesterol but they don't cause sudden rises. Fingers crossed is not nephritis xx

  • IF I were waiting for this retest's result, I'd cross everything! Are you still on myco? If yes what for increase?


  • On 1g at the moment, so yes, room to increase. Argh...😩

  • Hang on in there!

    How are your kidney function results at the mo?

    Remember...nothing's for sure "The Lady Sings"...once she's chortling away, come here: we'll all put our heads together....


  • Kidney function fine but that doesn't show much with nephritis. Fingers crossed it isn't. Thank you for your encouragement x

  • πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

  • Hi coco. May I ask why your GP and Rheumatologist don't want you to take statins? Thank you!

  • Good question!

    When I've asked, they said something like: because you're a complex case involving many overlapping early onset co-morbidities on a high number of oral meds already....we'll continue to monitor your cholesterol...we'll wait and see about adding statins to your treatment plan. They are concentrating on slowing inflammatory process throughout my body...which could help to reduce my cholesterol levels πŸ€

    This attitude suits me fine! I've been following the statins debate for years. I'm not convinced that I must add statins to my treatments. Especially while I'm on the verge of having more meds added by gastroenterology in the course of the investigations they are conducting. even more meds just muddies the picture

    But, meanwhile, I make certain my cholesterol levels are monitored & discussed and I continue to do everything I can in terms of lifestyle management to minimise my cholesterol levels...while CBT techniques & meditation help me control my worrywart tendency


  • I have familial hypercholesterolemia and really don't want to take statins. There's nothing more I can do in regards to lifestyle changes as I was a professional athlete and took great pains to maintain a healthy diet, mind and body. I am told I have RHUPUS and truly don't want to add more meds to the mix and fear muscle pains and cramping as a side effect with the statins as my friends have mentioned that it seems to be worse for athletes. There's a new infusion med that came on the scene (I don't know how many years ago) from the states that helps lower LDL for those that are refractory to statins or can't tolerate the side effects.

    I'm quite torn as I have read the same issues with statins that you have and finding out I have high LDL was indeed a blow only a year into my diagnosis but my doctor insists I take them

    thanks bunches for the reply coco! Best to you.

  • Am so glad to be hearing from you. Your take on this really hits the spot with me!

    So, your dr insists you take statins....are you actually taking them?

    And, if you are taking statins:

    What other oral meds are you on?

    how's it all going? (Especially: your cholesterol stats)


    PS have just checked my LDL & HDL Levels:


    LDL 3.49 (before lupus meds, it was lupus is infant onset, but went without daily systemic treatment until 2011. I'm 63 now)

    HDL 2.46

    My vit D levels are excellent

    What do you think?

  • Coco- I'm at the gate ready to board a plane . I will definitely give you my thoughts when I land!

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Hi Coco

    I was only just given Crestor (5mg)/day last week but was told months ago to take them and resisted because my first Rheumy (14 months ago) said I didn't need statins with the same cholesterol readings as today because I had a very good reading of triglycerides (.03) and a good HDL of 2.34. It's confusing to have two different doctors recommend differently. I was sent to a cardiology last week and she highly recommend to try them even though I have no family history of CVD. She said the high HDL and low triglycerides are no longer looked at and mentioned they only look at LDL now for people at high risk. I was hoping the higher HDL would help clear away the bad LDL but sadly the newer concensus isn't such

    Your LDL is perhaps moderately high but if your doctor thinks it's ok to just keep an eye on it then perhaps it's wise to follow his lead? Maybe you can ask him his thoughts on research indicating LDL should be closer to 2 with high risk folks and see what he says. As you mentioned he is concerned with all the medication that you are on and maybe now isn't the time to add statins to the mix

    Personally I'd be overjoyed not to take statins

    Not sure I've been much help but maybe it gives you pause to ask your doctor to explain more and keep an eye on things. I would love to hear what he has to tell you. Please keep me posted.

    All the best

  • πŸ™‚ You REALLY have been a lot of help: I like the way you look at all this. I've tended to find most explanations of the cholesterol thing rather Smoke & Mirrors. Your take is more common sensical.

    Yes, I am generally quite highly at risk due to typically overlapping factors inc genetic. But I'm relatively comfortable with risk....and am now happier than I had been to wait for my medics to raise this subject whenever

    Hope statins go OK for you...


  • Hi Purpletop

    Sorry to read of your sudden cholesterol spike!. Another worry you can do without. I've been sorting through my health articles and found one about lupus and cholesterol. It said that high cholesterol can be caused by the lupus(inflammation) and that it should be treated in the usual way ie statins to bring it down.

    My dad has just been put on a statin as his cholesterol suddenly went up and the GP said they ideally like it to be 3. something.

    Hope your re-test is better.X

  • I've always had good cholesterol - the sharp AND SUDDEN spike upwards is worrying. I'm thinking kidney disease, another thing to worry about!

    Thank you for taking the time to check x

  • Hi Purpletop

    It can still be the inflammation, doesn't have to be as serious as kidney disease!. Good luck for urine test and cholesterol re-test!. Deep breaths. X

  • Hi Purpletop. So sorry you have this to think about. Was the initial test purely routine or did your GP have a concern? Mine is never ever tested, hence the question. Are you taking steroids as they could perhaps push up cholesterol.

    I'm not a lot of use on this one, I'm afraid but will watch out for your updates. Fingers crossed that it is nothing more than a rogue result xxx

  • The test was done because I'm seeing a specialist for MCAS and he's asked the GP for basic tests to rule out stuff. That was a month ago and the cholesterol then was at 6.2 but I thought it was a mistake, so didn't worry. This time when I went to have my usual monthly myco tests I saw another GP who did the cholesterol tests that the previous GP did without my realising. It was a surprise to hear about it.

    There was a GP at this practice, now retired, who said to me that if everyone would test their blood as often as we do, then take would also get abnormal results once in a while. So if we don't test we don't know, particularly without symptoms. Which is good from a stress perspective but not good for silent diseases.

    As it happens I'm now in a flare and for the past few days I've been taking 30mg prednisolone but I wasn't taking it when the blood test was done, I was on 1g per day at that time.

    Who knows.

  • Hi have you had your Vit D checked as new research has found low VitD increases cholesterol levels as Vit D could be what keeps it in check like many parts of the body something over watches another!

    Lady i used to work with had it did all the usual Quack talk no fat crap spreads etc etc at your expense in pocket all to no avail new doc at hospital checked her said vit D too low! sorted

  • Very interesting! My vit D3 is low, I'm at 50, the lowest I've ever been, so hmmm. Thanks for this!

  • Amongst everything you're πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ: Have you looked into daily supplementation? I've been on 2-3000 IU daily since 2003 & my medics are all delighted with my D levels (especially re my osteoporosis treatment)....anyway: low D3 can't explain my high cholesterol....

  • I am but for some reason I'm not absorbing it. MCAS guy said something about it but I'll ask him again today, I'm having a follow up after all those weird tests he's asked to be done.

  • We have a brill osteoporosis specialist nurse now. Before my recent IV zoledronate treatment he was checking my D levels & bond profile. Due to my lower GI issues, I can't take calcium meds or supplements. So he was concerned about my parathyroid function & ran blood waiting for the result. Has your parathyroid function been checked? It processes calcium & D:

  • No, I never had that tested. Strangely, I've just responded to a post saying just that. I'm seeing the rheumatologist next week, I'll ask him.

    For the past week or so I've been having awful sharp pain under my right breast - rib pain. I put it down to chostocondritis but now I'm wondering if it hasn't fractured somehow because of osteoporosis.

    My last Dexa was 2 years ago, I'll need to repeat it. More radiation.

  • Thanks for the link, very interesting.

  • Am v much feeling for you πŸ˜•'re under a lot of strain...hope you're "ok" πŸ€πŸ˜˜

  • Another thing steer well clear of any of those spreads plus dodgey fats like hydrogenated etc having spread on bread use butter as has the vits/minerals you need plus the fat enables you to get the vits out of food as vit D is fat soluble as assimilated via fat where as vitC is through water where as those "Mucky" spreads etc are the killers! why put on weight and all sorts of issues! "Messed about fats i call them"

  • I don't use them but lately I've been unable to cook properly at home, we've been eating out a lot, so a lot of bad fats are in restaurant/pub food. Good point.

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