Thick , stingy saliva theory !

I would love to hear ideas about this , dry mouth ▶️ Thick saliva ▶️ Difficulty clearing throat = increased risk of throat / chest infection?? I know our white cell count may be low as well , but this has become an issue as well as being very annoying constantly having to clear my throat ! I haven't tried saliva thinner , does anyone have experience of this and have suggestions ? 😀

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Have you asked your doctors about trying using the sort of medication that cystic fibrosis sufferers use to thin mucous, mucolytics is the name of type of drug? They often use nebulisers to do it but there are also powders for dispersing in water, capsules and syrups - my husband (who doesn't have c/f but another chest problem) often uses them when he has a really bad chest infection and it isn't going to be convenient to use the nebuliser. Carbocysteine is the usual substance he uses and here in Italy and Germany you can get it OTC from the pharmacy but I suspect you may need a prescription in the UK. I used it for our daughters when they were small and had asthma problems.

You might find this interesting/useful - they offer an online prescription service - whatever that means!


Thats for the info ! Yet again it something i keep forgetting to mention to the doctor . It has got more annoying this last month or to . I have read that some of the drugs used can have bad side effects. I will discuss it with the pharmacist to get some advice first . Do you think it makes you prone to chest infections ?


My husband has bronchiectasis and that means when he has even a cold his lungs get bunged up - which traps the infection and makes it all worse in a sort of spiral as he can't cough it up (I know, sorry, TMI).

The basic way to improve things for healthy people is to drink plenty of fluids - but even they don't do it all. I can't remember any of my lot having had side effects.

Just found this too: is really reliable btw


Good question

As I understand it:

Dryness anywhere in the body (especially our 'holes' inc any mucous membranes) means our bodies' natural moisturising/secreting defences against pathogens can't be fully functional: the autoimmune inflammation-related dryness associated with SLE & to Sjogrens etc. is particularly troublesome, and predisposes us to bacterial, fungal etc infections

Then there are our immunosuppression meds, which reduce our defences: add this to any chronic dryness we are experiencing and we're even more prone to infection. Also cholinergic meds like amitriptyline, and other types of meds can cause dryness.

Then there are the wild cards: I'm extra prone to ENT & respiratory infections (brochiectasis & pneumonia typically) due to early onset Primary Immunodeficiency totally independent of my immunosuppressant meds. In my case this is problems with bone marrow function resulting in chronically low immunoglobulins G,A,M & lymphocytes

Stringiness (sp?) of oral saliva, of vaginal secretions, of cornea surface moisture, of nasal mucosa etc etc = a sign/symptom of dysfunctional dryness...making for more susceptibility to infections.

So, I have prescription treatment plans & daily regimes for the dryness in all my holes, chest etc + I'm on daily oral antibiotics in order to prevent infection due to SLE + SS dryness + PID. If I get breakthrough respiratory infections, I'm high threshold for IV antibiotics & will start IVIG. Haven't tried saliva thinner, but have used artificial saliva, but just don't like it. Will check out PMRpro's tip!

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Nothing to add to Pro and BC apart from yes this affects me too re thick stringy saliva - for years - and my main treatment now is sucking Salivex pastels, which I romp through.

I think some of it might come from post nasal drip but I also find I'm always gathering moisture from the back of my throat to aid swallowing. I don't often get colds or bronchitis but when I do they feel so much more than that. Last flu led to pneumonia. I found that all those drugs prescribed for nerve pain such as Amitriptyline, Gabapebtin and Duloxetine had fairly catastrophic affects on my SS symptoms and my GORD.

Immunesuppressants have never made me more prone to infections - apart from a brief spell on 20mg Methotrexate. Dropping dose back down sorted this out though.


Thanks twitchy , this has become more of a problem last few months and diagnosing myself , l think its due to thick saliva rather than the other causes you mention. It is particularly bad in the evening for some reason and im sure it drives my husband mad but he never complains !! I haven't tried salivex pastilles so i will look for them . Thanks for advice 😀


Salivex are great and yes I'm sure it's due to thick saliva given our disease. It's yiucky - ask for Salivex on your prescription - I have this and spray and Biotene gel but I rarely use them as prefer to suck Salivex.


Hi just read this post every single time I drink water within half an hour I get this cough then I start to bring up this gloup last ages as well or if I burn up its the same result docs put me on inhaler which has brought some relief nomore gloup just chesty cough now and really dry mouth sods law hope this bit of info helps


Thanks soggy , i had a chest infection in January and the only relief was short term use of an inhaler which is all new as well . Its one thing after another LOL !

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