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If you have read my previous posts you will know that my DLA has ended and when I applied for PIP, I was awarded standard rate for both until 2026. I was determined to appeal because it had meant the loss of my motability car, my last bit of independence. I now have the result of the mandatory reconsideration they upheld the initial decision. It's like reading a letter that accuses you of being a cheat, a liar and a fraud. I had a bad angina attack and have spent three days in bed. So I'm posting today to say that despite all my brave words in previous posts, I can't continue with my appeal, I just haven't got the strength or energy to try to convince faceless civil servants that I really am unwell and in pain. Many of you sent me your good wishes for my battle and I'm sorry that I'm not up to the fight. I did the best that I could. Thanks for your support.

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  • you can only do what you can do! But you may be able to mull it over and reconsider, when you're feeling stronger. This isn't a fight you need to take on alone, but recover and take care of yourself now.

    I wish you ease.

  • If it helps I'm going through the appeal process in two weeks as I feel my rate should be higher not the level awarded but I've had it stressed that it's NOT the dwp or civil servants at the next stage. My understanding is it's a panel of 3 ... 1 judge, 1 medically trained and can't remember what the third will be. They aren't connected to the dwp in any way though and are totally independent. Would that make a difference if you can then get help to do the appeal so the pressure gets removed for you?

    Do understand how you feel though - my mandatory reconsideration was as bad and when they sent the reply to the appeal court they put a paragraph in bold at the end that they would consider that if I'm as bad as I claim I'd be a danger when driving and this hasn't been reported to DVLA by either myself or my doctors. It came across as very threatening in the way I read it and the CAB advisor was furious when she saw it. It was interesting getting their response to my appeal though - it gives you a reason for their decision and in my case their entire argument appears to centre on the fact I drive a manual car. That's it. Total argument is I drive ... totally missing that most of my problems in dispute are due to my right wrist and that isn't affected by a manual car over an automatic. It strangely filled me with a bit of confidence.

    I'm going into the appeal assuming I'll fail to get upgraded and anything else is a bonus but it's an exhausting, gruelling and stressful process and I work as a tax consultant where I deal with government departments and beurocracy every day so I'm used to it! I don't think you're letting anyone down not wanting to put yourself through that - more the system letting you down and bullying you into submission. Hopefully having that stress removed will help you get back on your feet quickly

  • I am so sorry this happened to you. These people should be in our shoes for a day. I hope you feel at least a little better soon. It is always difficult reading other people's thoughts on how they perceive you, especially when most of our illnesses are hidden and when you feel so poorly someone will say "oh you are looking really well". Really, just try being in this body a day. It is easy for me to say carry on and fight this system, it is something you shouldn't have to do, but in a few days when you are a little stronger have a final think. Take care 👩🏻‍🌾x

  • Hello Maurice1

    I know how it feels to receive that letter saying all your worry, anxiety,sleepless nights and hard work were for nothing. I thought I would give up and not bother too. But I decided to appeal and go to a tribunal. I thought that even if I get to the day of the appeal I could change my mind and not go, so I'd lose nothing. Anyway they were lovely. 3 people who listened to me on how lupus affected me daily.

    They had a completely different attitude to the initial face to face interview. Like you , I felt worn out and defeated by the system. By the time the tribunal appt came through I had a bit more get up and go and felt pleased I'd stuck with it. I was petrified on the day but as I said they listened. They told me there and then that I was awarded standard rate for mobility and daily living component for 3 years. I can't tell you how this has helped me.

    I was so surprised as I only had 5 points from the original face to face. I'm not explaining this to put pressure on you but to show you it is possible.

    The three people are experienced and not connected to DWP.

    Hope you feel better soon , sending my very best wishes.

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