Lupus acting up

Good morning everybody i was diagnosed with lupus and im started to wake up and my fingers are in pain and my wrist as well is new because it is the first time that my fingers and wrist hurt when i wake up my legs and arms use to hurt and they still do but now my fingers and wrist hurt as well can anybody tell me why does it have to do with stress.

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Hi Barbie

Sorry to read your having wrist and hand problems. Can be very common with lupus either the arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Have you been put on anti- inflammatory medications since your diagnosis?. Are you due to see your Consultsnt?. If you think it's part of a flare then perhaps your doses could be increased for a short time to help. Can do this if you take steroids with your doctor's permission. There are splints that can help your joints and they would help if you have carpal tunnel. A chat with your GP will confirm this and a referral to Occupational Health might be helpful which he can organise. Hope I've helped and your better soon. X

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My wrists and fingers usually hurt when I am in a flare and calm down with steroids, try and speak with your specialist nurse if you have one they maybe able to suggest a reason or some help x


Hi Barbie2537,

Joint pains are unfortunately a common symptom of lupus. You can read more about this in our factsheet at

misty14 has given you some really excellent advice which I hope you have found helpful.

Stress is often reported as a trigger for lupus flares. You can find more information about this and some advice about stress management at


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