Coal tar shampoo

Hi all, I've been suffering with painful fingers and feet for some time.

Ive been referred by GP to Rhematologist and have appointment in March.

Ive had unexplained rashes since June including itchy scalp for which I used a coal tar shampoo, Ive now got a red face, my cheeks and bridge of nose is tight and uncomfortable.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Hi Saralpt30,

According to this website - - coal tar shampoo should not be used by anybody who has a condition that makes them sensitive to sunlight (like lupus).


Thankyou Paul.

I'll give that a miss then!


I find Nizerol shampoo very good for itchy scalp, you buy it in the chemist. It doesn't sting or burn. You leave it on the scalp for a couple of minutes then shampoo as normal.

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Thankyou so much,I'll try it.x


Your most welcome. I never got on with coal tar it used to burn my head and I hated the smell. Didn't know that it wasn't suitable for Lupus sufferers either! I find using Nizerol instant relief. Just use the shampoo in your scalp, leave it on and use regular shampoo on the lengths and ends. A small bottle is around £6 odd quid. I hope it helps :-)


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