Periodontal Lesions?

Ive just come back from the Dentist to find I have lesions at the roots of my upper back teeth. I know Im in a flare as Ive lesions on my scalp and some on my face, Ive also been feeling really fatigued and sleeping alot. Ive also had migraine headache. Has anyone else suffered with their teeth? Ive just had a bout of mouth ulcers but they have nearly gone (I do suffer with Sicca Syndrome). I have googled to find answers but still unsure whether its connected to Lupus?

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Hi Elle, sorry to hear your troubles I have suffered with mouth uslers and had four filling to teeth in 1 month, i do have lesions on head and fatigue and lesions all over but new to this so don't have answer sorry but please let me know if you find any many thanks xxxx


Hi mummajo, by all accounts Periodontal problems can be caused by overactive Immune system ... Ive left a link to a web address ... interesting read -x-

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Yes: i think these lesions are connected to flaring lupus in my version of SLE.

I get periodontal lesions at the roots of my back molars (I think you mean lesions way up high inside the cheek folds that fall against the gums & soft tissues deep behind & above the molar gums? These lesions bleed & are severely painful &, even on plaquenil & myco, take weeks to heal. I treat them with qtips dipped in corsodyl mouthwash, because they so easily become, while healing, aggravated by bacteria in the mouth + by the action of the tooth brush. But I have always been very conscientious bout my oral hygiene. I'm 60

My impression is that my mouth is particularly fragile due to the combo of Ehlers Danlos type hypermobility+ infant onset SLE+sicca symptoms/sjogrens. So sometimes my version of these lesions just happens. But often I do find these lesions arrive during a flare. My vvv lupus experienced rheumatologist emphasises that I need to "always take good care of my mouth, first & foremost" and my dental team agree.

With every best wish...these really are miserable & do add considerably to the nightmare of being in a flare...feeling for you


just wondering if you also have angina bullosa haemorrhagica (blood blisters in side cheeks, on tongue & into throat, not due to friction or contact, burst & become extremely sore ulcers). I've coped with these since my early 20s, was diagnosed by an NHS dermatologist in the 1990s, but haven't found anyone else who has this. My impression is that, in my case, these could be an Ehlers Danlos predisposition


Thank you Barnclown, yes thats exactly what I have, however I now have an infection in my soft tissue/gums (upper back teeth) which have caused lesions. Dentist advised either antibiotics and wait (dental team believe it will not cure it) or teeth extraction as they believe it would be best as the lesions are only going to come back and it will continue to get worse and more painful. I do have blood blisters inside my left cheek after the mouth ulcers subdued. I get blisters on the side of tongue and lips .. they become bad especially in the sun ... Ive tried to keep out of the sun but we have had some warn sunny days lately and I believe it bought the flare on. I then started to get pain in my upper teeth and went to see the dentist ..

I googled Periodontal autoimmune problems and by all accounts its connected..

( ) ... I see my Rheuma before my teeth are extracted and will have a talk with him ... Every day seems to bring on different pains and complications ... This all started a year ago .. and have three Consultants so far .. Ive only just seen a Neurologist and have a type of Peripheral neuropathy, Sicca Syndrome, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus , Arthritis, Spondylosis, Spinal nerve entrapment and Fibro Symptoms, Madarosis and have lost all my hair on my head plus patches on my body, yet my bloods are normal barr Anemia -x-

I know it sound awful but I'm so glad others can help and are going through the same horrid experiences and pain .. other people just dont understand its not just normal mouth ulcers .. Ive been so careful with my teeth and always looked after them, as with my hair but it looks like Im losing my teeth as well :(


I hope it's ok with you if I send you a HUGE hug

You've said it all, and said it all SO well

Am vvvv much feeling for you

Hope you'll let us know how you get on - anything to do with mouth/teeth etc is 'need to know' for me!

You're welcome to private message me too, if you feel like it

Take care


Thank you Barnclown :) Big Hugs to you too Xxx


That is very interesting as I get them too. At the moment I have inflammation around my wisdom teeth only on the left. Very swollen and sore. I use a mouthwash of water and hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection. They can take weeks even months to subside.


Thank you loublou, my teeth started with inflammation but it became very painful and thats when I went to see the dentist (yesterday) they took an X-Ray and found infection and lesions .. Ive been using Oraldene and Colgate Total Care but it hasnt subdued the problem .. Its only my back upper teeth that has been affected .. I really hope your inflammation subdues .. its terrible as it affects your eating -x-


Sure is grotty. I think I get mine instead of a immine system is still running riot. I havent had a cold or flu for years now. If I do, it lasts 24 hours only, whilst everyone else around me is dying ;)


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