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Hello everyone, I was wanting a little advice! Yesterday I felt as if something was in my eye, so tonight when I got home it felt a little worse so I went and had a look to see. When I lower my bottom eyelid there seems to be a little bubble looking type thing, now I have be told I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease about 6 months ago after years of being very ill, I was put on hydroxychlorqin but had to come off it afte4 6 weeks because of the unbearable itching and the fact I didn't feel much improvement on it. So I went back to the consultant who I was paying private ( because of an 18 month NHS waiting list) he did more bloods and the results had changed, he recommends methotrexate now, anyways he put me on steroids again until I can see nhs consultant because I can't afford to pay him anymore money, could the steroids be doing this to my eye?

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  • Hi Sounds like a stye like small cyst usually at bacteria infection, if you Google for treatment. Try not to touch it with your and rub the other eye as it can spread...warm tea bags compress or warm water compress. Feel better. ML

  • Could be a small corneal ulcer or a stye as Maggielee suggests- try and see an optician if it doesn't go. You might have dry eyes/ Sicca Syndrome or full blown Sjogrens as part of your UCTD? Sounds more likely than the steroids, although you can get infections more easily while on them. Get an optician or GP to check it out if it doesn't resolve with pads of warm salty water.

  • Twitchytoes may be right about dry eyes. I suffer with dry eyes and have been on Hypremollose drops for many years which helps them, I have a connective tissue disuse. I had a bubble appear a while ago and used a saline solution (boiled water with salt), which had cooled and wiped the eye with cotton wool this helped. The eyes have to be treated with care so don't rub them and get expert advice.

  • See eye specialist please! If you live in london, you can go to Moorefileds A&E at any point. If you live outside london, but not too far, you can stil travel to Moorfields and go to A&E

  • Hi Gerry much so look at Google search for predistone problems could be this drying your eyes out or sorjen



  • I got a hot eye compress "the eye doctor"recommended by my GP for dry eyes and find it very good. Heat in microwave for 40 seconds and apply to the eyes for 10 minutes. Then massage the upper and lower eyelids. Got it on Amazon for £14.

  • I am not a doctor, but this doesn't seem to be lupus related. It's probably a cyst. You need to make an appt with the GP (or the nurse practitioner) to get some antibiotic drops. But in the meantime, if you clean it well before you sleep, it might reabsorb or at least get a bit better.

    Just before bed, wash a cup thoroughly and then rinse it and a teaspoon with boiling water. Don't dry it. Fill it with boiling water again & dissolve a teaspoon of salt in it. Once it's cooled to merely warm (not hot), using an eyebath, rinse your eye at least 4x with the water, discarding the contents of the eyebath each time.

    Now that the eye is clean, it's important that you keep it that way while you sleep. Take a square of sterile gauze or a clean tissue, and with micropore tape, tape it over your closed eye. Go to sleep.

    It should be much better in the morning.

  • Hi izzy I had something similar and it gave me an agonising headache the part of my eye seem to protrude and was like a purple jelly and very gritty I was at a&e and after being seen by optomolagist was taken into hospital As an emergency and was put on very high doze steroids intravenous I had three shots of that and in hospital for 5 days I was told I had a condition called scleritis and was told it meant I had an auto immune disease in my body but had to have tests and it took 1 year to find out I have a very rare muscle disease called polymyositis it's wasting of certain muscles in the body the pressure in my eye was 57 and should be around 12 however I was lucky with my eye doctor and in fact saved my sight and eye please push your case you have to be pushy to get help or see an optition if your muscles are ok then you are ok and it doesn't seem to be same as mine I feel so sorry you have to wait so lng and pay so much how long have you had it kind regards

  • Hi again just to add above went to eye doctors today for eye checkup and i recommend going too, as he was seeing things I could not possibly see in my eye and around my lid. He said that in addition to dry eyes, which I was aware of he thinks I have had an infection called Blepharitis which an inflammation of your eyelids, which i had never heard of, which like a stye needs warm compresses, keep lids clean, probably what caused my styes. Should mention I have lupus with secondary autoimmune such as sjorgrens which explains dry eyes. Great advise from others will be trying them out. 😊 ML

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