Third Visit To Pain Management Clinic

Another pleasant young chap. We discussed our Raynauds! He runs his hands under hot water before greeting each patient to ensure his handshake doesn't make them squeal.

I continue to tick the boxes on managing chronic pain, so we have drawn up a six month, long-term aim. He asked me what I'd love to do in 6 months that I can't do know. Walz and salsa ( no laughing at the back) was my reply. So, *sigh* how to gain weight is part of that. Again. My healthy, fit and happy weight is 35lbs more, though I'd settle for less. We agreed that a bit of insulation would help with how seriously cold I feel, too. He whispered about whales and blubber surviving the cold so well until I reminded him we were both skinny and no one could overhear.

So, I'm researching ways to get some weight on healthily and, by that, increase my energy levels. There really isn't much, apart from advice on how body builders can muscle up, but I shall continue to investigate. "Eating More" is obvious, but with a narrow misbehaving oesophagus and slow motility that doesn't work, never mind having those problems for three years really putting me off certain foods for periods of time.

However, I do very much appreciate this service. I've heard a lot of negatives from friends about their experiences, but it's fine for me.

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Were the high calorie milk-shake things mentioned? Some aren't too awful...


Thanks pro. I have some on the recommendation of gym going son. Remarkable flavours like tiramisu, and they are not bad.


David had them when he was on chemo - the after-8 flavoured one was actually very nice!


My son has protein shakes as he has food/weight issues due to autism.they come in many flavours and are no where near as bad tasting as they use to b.they work well too.his energy levels have increased to as the drinks also have vits minerals that he was lacking should ask gp to prescribe a trial batch. Michael has one a day now to maintain levels.


And do make sure that the pharmacy puts their brain in gear! Someone got dozens all the same flavour...


Chocolate build up did it for me, but not as a substitute for a well as a meal.


I've had the no-choice NHS varieties, which, to me, tasted very artificial. I can only eat and drink slowly, and getting the full flavour was offputting. The ones I buy (and the prices are good) really can be savoured.


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