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I've Made Another Mistake - Raynaud's

Very cold here yesterday and today. Yesterday I came in from a short walk with the dog and found I couldn't warm my hands up again using the usual remedies, so I cracked open a pack of the instant heat-up hand warmers. They are sealed in pairs, and I decided one would do. I decided it was useless, because it seemed to make no difference, and put it on my lap while going through my on-line shopping list. When I went to the loo, there was a handwarmer shaped hot red patch on my leg.

I looked at the instructions today (only the French version left, but I got an O Level in the Dark Ages). Yikes! All those warnings about being careful with delicate skin, can get hotter than it seems ... Yesterday's actually stayed warm far longer than expected, and today's is staying in my hands only.

Please be more careful than moi 😧

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… que ça te serve d'avertissement ! 😆🖐🏼🖐🏼❄️🔥

Pardon 🤗! Couldn't help myself 😘

Hugs and I trust you are more comfortable now



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