Is this another autoimmune disease?

I have Graves' disease diagnosed 2 years ago and am currently in remission (3 months).

12 months ago I had what I thought was a flare after reducing my Carbimazole. My bloods showed no alteration in my thyroid bloods but a drop in my kidney function to GFR 59 then one month later to GFR 47 but nothing showing in my urine. I was sent to a nephrologist who did extensive blood tests which he said showed no other antibodies but the Graves antibody (sorry I do t have a copy of the results)! As I was taking quite a lot of supplements he put it down to that and gave me a 1 week course of steroids and my GFR retired to 61 - I have only ever had one kidney blood test back in 2012 which showed a GFR of 64 or 65 and I didn't find this out until recently so we had nothing else to go on!

Over the last few weeks I have started to wake in the night, get anxious at times, get pains in my toes and knees (all at different times) and seem to be more exercise intolerant. Then last weekend whilst visiting my daughter in London I had what I thought was a flare and thought that my Graves had returned- headache, breathless, jittery, palpitations etc. I visited the GP and had my bloods taken on Friday - results today are GFR 57 )60-150) creatinine 91 umol/L (50-100). Thyroid bloods all still in euthyroid range! I haven't taken any supplements for 1 year so it definitely isn't that. Can anybody help with this please.

Thank you

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  • Hi MumH,

    Unfortunately we aren't qualified to give medical advice and so could not say what the cause of your symptoms are. Do you have a follow-up appointment arrange with your doctor to discuss these results? Are you suspecting that you may have lupus?

  • Hi thank you for your response. I have contacted my nephrologist who is sending me for a radionucular scan to see what is going on with my kidneys. I was wondering whether it may be Lupus .

  • Hi MumH,

    I couldn't say whether this could be lupus or not, but if you would like more information about lupus and the kidneys, you can read and download our booklet here -

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