Liver Cysts

Anyone ever find liver cysts on their liver? I would be very interested to know as I have some. My gallbladder has been irritating me. I have tried a natural gallbladder cleanse. And it didnt work. Nothing went through. So, i was reading about liver cysts, and i feel a bunch of little cysts under my right ribcage. My mother died from liver failure, and she also had colitis which my sister said caused the liver to fail. She died at 48.

I am thinking she had lupus, and inflammation of the liver for a long time. She did not drink, but my other sisters psychology teacher heard her symptoms and concluded that she was a dry alcoholic. Isnt that interesting.

I read that cysts could be caused by sluggish bile flow. Which could be stones, or inflammation of the gall bladder.

Does anyone have similar symptoms? Curious.

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  • "Natural gallbladder cleanses" probably only cleanse one thing - your lower gut!

    Have a read:

  • Interesting....since the flush I tried didnt work. Some organ wasnt functioning properly. And my chiropractor who gave me the program, was like, Really? It didnt work. Again, might work on someone who doesnt have health problems. Thank you for sharing.

  • Natura - it is woo! It is dreamt up by people who have no idea about physiology! At least they don't charge you for it I suppose.

  • Hello Natura, there are some autoimmune liver diseases, and some are associated with bowel diseases.With your symptoms and family history I would ask your GP to do a liver function blood test and refer you to a hepatologist I have one of these conditions primary billiary cirrhosis, and also antiphospholid syndrome, my liver condition was discovered by my rheumatologist, she did me a great favour when she found it as it meant I got treatment more quickly than I would otherwise as this treatment will extend my life.Good luck


  • Thank you Jane. I am a little scared and worried now. I can feel the cysts through my abdomen. They are somewhat small. I will look into. I am supposed to get bloodwork this sat for my clotting disorder. Sometimes me hematologist is cool and will run something else if i ask. I have insurance that doesnt need a referral. I sort of like it that way. Saves me time and money to not have to run to go all the time.

  • Gp all the time....stupid spell check

  • Hello Natura,

    Hopefully everything will be fine for you but I think it's definitely worth checking so if you need any treatment you can get it.Best wishes Jane.

  • Thanks Jane. I guess I need to find a gp. 2 of my sisters have gall bladder problems. I am not too worried about the gallbladder, but I am worried if its my liver, and the duct is inflamed. This lupus stuff is really challenging. I am getting a little worn out with all the problems it causes the body. No one really understands how your organs get so affected by inflammation throughout your body. If I have one more person say I look healthy...ugh!!!! Thank you for the information and support!

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