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In Case of Emergency card


A little while ago there was a query about whether people wore emergency information tags such as medic alert. I have today come across another item which some people may find useful if they do not know about it already. It is called the UTAG ICE credit card.

It is basically a small USB stick which fits and slides either within the credit card or can be worn separately on a keyring or even as a zip pull. (these things are getting so small!)You enter the information on it yourself using the UTAG software on the stick, and in an emergency the hospital put it into their computers where the software is recognised and runs automatically. It has the big ICE (In case of Emergency) logo on the outside with the medic logo and it can include the information you want such as emergency contact details, medication, doctor, medical history etc. and can also store some extra important files either scanned or copied you might want such as passport info. and a photo of you too if you wish. It seems to be quite tough, made of aluminium alloy. It costs around twenty pounds,and can be purchased over the internet from retailers or even ebay. Not cheap but certainly very comparable to other identity items. Have not got one myself so have not tried it out, but it looks to be quite useful so am seriously considering it, or might even put it on my Christmas list!

Something a bit different to a bracelet and it would be so easy to add to other cards in your purse or wear. If lost, the software itself does not contain personal identity information. Other info available on their website but have listed what I think might be the most helpful.Hope everyone has as good a Christmas as possible and wishing for a better new year on all fronts for you all. Take care.

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Good Morning and thankyou so much for that info. Could be invaluabldm for many of us x x


Thanks for the information riverbird.

I've looked at the site and like the idea of the usb sport band. My only worry would be if it would lost at the hospital ie left in the usb port or taken out and left beside the computer rather than returned straight away.

Will definitely consider one though - perhaps with any Christmas money I might receive!!


I have a dog tag that I took 2 the local key cutting shop & they engraved it 4 me with my details on, so along with that, the info on my phone & my bracelet, they'd b daft as brushes 2 miss it. Maybe I should have it tattooed on me somewhere too ;0)


Thank you so much for that, I think it may be on my christmas list too. What a brilliant idea


Thank you for this very useful & practical information


Have just seen that a company called lovingoutdoors.co.uk are offering these at 8% discount and will deliver in time for Christmas if ordered by 11am today.


Hi you should also have an I.C.E. number on your mobile. Ie I.C.E1 would be your husbands number and name I.C.E2 would be a parent or close friend with name etc. the police and medics always check people's phones for these numbers. Great new gizmo I might ask for one for my birthday.


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