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Does this sound familiar to you? (pain in my hand)

For the past few years I've had intermittent aching/bit of pain in my right hand – nothing major – just that annoying stretchy/cramp feeling. However for the past couple of months it’s changed.

I’ve now been getting pain and stiffness in my index finger and today it hurt so much that I dropped my pen when writing. Also, I was on a plane coming back from Florida about 3 weeks ago and my whole hand sort of seized up and was VERY painful. I couldn’t hold or touch anything and it hurt when I moved about.

I do have SLE, APS and Fibromyalgia but it’s always been fairly mild. When I read the posts you guys send, mine health issues seem a lot less serious than yours. I suppose it could be changing – bloody hope not.

I don’t want to go to my GP or contact my Rheumy AGAIN as I’m right in the middle of an issue at the moment regarding my knee (have a Meniscus tear and waiting for a cortisone injection and an Op). They make me feel like I’m bothering them but at the same time if it’s something that I should be concerned about or could take something for/have treatment for – I don’t want to not do anything about it.

Soooooo – you’re all my “go to guys” right now. Hope you can advise? :)

Thanks … Nat

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It sound like it could be carpel tunnel, I have got it and you sound very similar to me. Maybe it would be good to talk to rhumy to get some nerve conducting tests done.


Hello nat....this does sound like the kind of thing some of us experience...possibly in the mix there is a tendon tightening related to inflammatory,I tend to agree with Daisy's comment.

Please do mention this to your GP & rheumy when you see them next. This occurring at altitude is concerning. if you have more of these episodes with your feet on the ground 😉, in the meantime, do mention this to them promptly. This can help them understand how your condition is progressing. They need to know ,...and will be glad of this feedback...if they aren't, they certainly should be! Am sorry they're reacting the way you describe GRRRR😏. Hang in there...I hope the knee responds to treatment...please let us know

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


Hi - I saw this symptom posted a while back and it appears to be a symptom of Lupus. My index finger knuckle is always swollen and tender BUT the spasms and pain have dulled right down since being prescribed Hydroxychloroquine. I also take 200mg of Turmeric with food every day which helps the arthritis pain as a natural anti inflammatory- do report it. I didn't get any interest from Docs ! Good luck.


My Rheumy is great ... it's the GP (or GP's these days as you never get to see the same one twice) that aren't interested. Thanks for your reply.


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