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working from home?

Does anyone actually work from home, if so what is it you do?

Im desperate to find a job from home, I got refused my pip, struggling to work my part time job from dealing with flares and I am absolutely struggling with money which is making my health 10x worse!!!

Im looking everywhere online for online jobs but everything just doesn't seem legit..

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Hi Leanne22p,

Will you be appealing your PIP?

If you are looking for work that you may be able to do from home, it may be worth making an appointment with a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre Plus. They can help with any re-training, seeking appropriate work and offering practical support to help you in employment.

You could also try Remploy, a specialist employment services group who provide a range of services to help people get the right job.

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I run my own business from home as a tax consultant and accountancy practice but I was already set up this way before I was diagnosed, thankfully! I really don't know how people manage to hold down a job when they are feeling ill to be honest and I have so much respect - I'm not sure I could manage if I didn't have that flexibility if being able to decide when I do and don't work. Obviously I still have to fit the hours in or I don't get paid but at least I can work around it when I'm feeling bad and work more when I'm doing better etc

Have you looked at Access To Work to see if there is equipment or help they can provide to help you more in your current job? They provided me with various pieces of equipment that helped loads but also provided the funding for me to get an assistant in, once a week in my case, to help do all the things I can't. They've been invaluable in the advice their assessor provided too.

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I work from home as a virtual PA - in the past I've done transcription but I now struggle with recognising voices and when dealing with heavy accents I can't understand what's being said. Home transcription can be a good alternative, but you will have to sift through to find the good companies to work for. There's also freelance work. I would however advise you to be careful when taking on work from home: as you say, not all of it is legit, and I actually found myself working more, not less. I now set my hours FIRMLY and stick with that. No more, no less. If you do find work, keep in mind you may be able to get tax credits, although it's a bit more difficult to receive without at least some form of DLA/PIP. I know I'm coming to the end of being able to even do this...

Are you appealing? I strongly recommend you do so, and even if you went through tribunal and lost, you can re-apply and start the process over. It's never a 'if you don't receive it, you'll never receive it' type of thing.

Good luck!


Hi Leanne

Sorry your PIP got turned down and your struggling with your health. If you decide to appeal it, lupus uk have good guides to help , just ask Paul Howard. I strongly advise you get the help of Citizens Advice who know how to word these things!. They helped me get mine successfully. Don't give up, the DWP are making so many mistakes with these claims. X

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I have just started working from home after 4 years of not working. I have started doing dog boarding and Doggie day care which means I can still rest during the day. I get the dogs out in the morning and late afternoon.

good luck.


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