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Chest problems

I am 75 and have been diagnosed with COPD in the early stages,although they use the word possibly,or possibly asthma. They are treating me as copd so am on Ventolin, I think it is one of those disease that can never be fully diagnosed, so I think it is trial and error to which inhalers to use,and which responds well for you. It doesn't scare me, it annoys me. I have found out that big meals make me breathless and too much exercise.. I now eat small and regular meals especially if I am going out. I use my ventolin first thing in the morning and when I take my dog out for a long walk. I am into a regular routine which does help, and am not curtailing my walks or things I like doing, I just do things as I want but don't overdo it. Anyway, that's my first post.

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Hello and welcome, LightningRoy1!

Have you seen the British Lung Foundation community, which might be of interest? (I'm also member of that, owing to Interstitial Lung Disease)


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Dear lightningroy1 - my husband has the same problem and is on the same medicine - you have exactly the right attitude - gentle exercise in open air is excellent. I just wonder if you are on the right website for information and support. whisperit is right try British Lung Foundation. Best wishes


Thank you. I will try

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