Just had my tribunal just under An hour ago, they said I have to now wait on an answer in the post if they think I should get it or not... me I defo don't think I will get it, worst thing I have ever had to do. The dr was lovely, but judge and disability officer who was physically disabled in a wheelchair her self was complete birches! They treated me like I was a stupid little child putting on all my illness's even though they are clinically diagnosed ok black and blue infront of them, asking me pathetic questions then someone asking me the same question to catch me out. They spoke to me absolutely vile I was so upset...

I'm more upset knowing now I have tried to fight this case since April, knowing full well I will get refused and I'm not trying again, I will unfortunately have to try and force my body to get use to doing 9 hours work a day just so I can actually afford food!

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  • Hi Leanne

    So sorry the Tribunal was a horrible experience for you. Fingers crossed you get the right result. Be as well as you canx

  • Sorry to hear that Leanne, I hope things do go better for you, its horrible that you have to fight your corner when all you want to do is live somewhat normally. X

  • Am so sorry feeling dismayed: no one should be treated this way. Am hoping you get the right result: courage & take care 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Sorry to hear this , my tribunal still to come and I am dreading it they have told so many lies in my report yet they seem to be getting away with it , let's face it to get any points for the descriptors you would have to be more or less at deaths door .let us know how you get on , did you take anyone with you from welfare rights or citizens advice x

  • No I had no idea how to do all of that so I just took my mum with me

  • If you appeal again just contact welfare rights at your town hall they are part of the council , I have not sent off for my appeal yet as I couldn't get an appointment with them until the 1st of November, I have to appeal by the 4th November so it's going to be a rush but she sounded nice on the phone and said she will get the form to them by the 4th , I hope so x

  • Sorry. Sounds awful. I'm at the beginning of this horrible process. Just asked for mandatory reconsideration. Hope you get the right outcome. You should ask for support from CAB or Disability Rights people. As you are too ill to work, get your Doctor to sign you off work. Good luck 😊

  • I can only add to others' responses that I'm so sorry this happened.

  • I'm sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I've discovered some people with physical disabilities think people with invisible illnesses aren't really in the same class of disability, and some even think we are faking it. It comes as a shock when coming across it but it exists and that might be what you've come up against. I would definitely look into getting some support with groups that handle these kinds of appeals and tribulations. There is still the High Tribunal option as well. The groups Fightback4Justice has some really good info if you need it in future. Knowledge is power in this case.

  • Sorry to hear your been put through this terrible ordeal. I agree with silvergilt about the Fightback site. I've liked them on Facebook & you get to read good advice & there's so many good outcomes with there help. I think for a small fee you can have more access on how to fill in forms & they'll even go to tribunals with you. They do seem to have a lot of success. Wishing you all the best of luck x

  • Oh Leanne, what an horrendous experience you have had to go through. I've got my hearing on 4th November - absolutely dreading it. Did you take anybody with you? How long did it take?

    I wish I could tell you to appeal against the appeal but I don't know how I will feel after going through this ordeal.

    Take care

    Babs x

  • It was horrible I would never do it again, I did take my mum with me for support but she wasn't allowed to say anything at all. It did take just over An hour but was waiting for them for An hour too

  • I think this is absolutely disgusting. This is YOUR hearing and you should be able to offer any evidence you want - in your case, letting your mum tell them what she sees on a day to day basis and how it affects you. After all, insn't that what "support" is supposed to mean?

    Let's hope the right outcome (and common sense) are shown.

    Take care

    Babs x

  • Had the letter come back today. Was refused the pip. They actually gave me 0 points on everything.....

  • I am so gutted for you. After the stress of putting in the appeal and then the long wait for it to take place - you really didn't need this. What are you going to do?

    Babs x

  • Well I actually have a work medical aswell today to see if I should be working and working 20 hours a week, so if they end up letting me go I have no idea....

  • It's a disgrace these people are monsters , don't give up , go to the higher appeal but this time get professional help like welfare rights , appeal on the grounds they didn't let your mum speak and she is your carer .

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