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I won the tribunal

I am glad to say after 6months of driving myself mad we won the tribunal. I was scared and was so not looking forward to it at all. I dont know what will happen for the future ie if review in another year or 6 months and im sure we will find out. I have agreed to going to the job center every 6 months because i do want to get back to work and the funny thing is the jb center can only find jobs for 16 hours plus and before i had to give up work i was doing 12 hrs i did query this with the board they shrugged but we will see what they say because when i was sent to them at Christmas (the job center disability adviser ) they looked at me and said your to ill so said get back on the ESA. Least i feel there is hope now.....

Good luck to others

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Congrats - inspiration to anyone else battling....


well done for hanging in there!


congratulations.... I am up for it on the 8th .... they rang me and asked me to come in at 9am. I arranged my carer to bring me and asked for wheelchair access.... guess what , they have to provide a movable ramp! They are not prepared for wheelchairs.... hahahahaha, disability check up and no fixed ramp.... it's going to be great!

I've used three bathrooms in different places in the last two weeks and all three were specially created for wheelchair use but had rubbish next to the toilet ( which is supposed to be the space to roll the chair in) either a bin, collection box or cleaning stuff.... dho....!!!

None of the councils around here have any idea how hard it is when you propel your chair yourself... I get stuck all the time, so obviously I'm going to have fun on the tribunal... never mind being disabled.... never mind asking whether I can work.... how about just getting about on my own... I'm ready to embarrass them seriously! They know how ill I am , how much care I need, how adapted my own house is, that I get an ambulance and taxi transport to the hospital twice a week.... but still they prefer wasting money on these tribunals over making the environment more accessible and Lupus more understood by the general public.... I'm going to them with my war axe and won't leave without at least winning a few battles against the ignorant bureaucratic twits... I might be ill, seriously physically disabled but by heck I have more fire and spirit in me than the total Welsh Assembly. Time to use them to make some changes for all my fellow auto immunies....They have chosen the wrong person to mess with. Keep your attention focussed....I'll post the result and will use the local media to achieve my goals.

btw, still looking for more members on my lupus group in facebook. find me first under Shell Ocsin

again congratulations to you ! xx


Well done, I have my tribunal 4th May lets hope I have the same outcome as you. Fingers crossed.




Congratulations. I could not cope with work 9-5 Mon to Friday so to speak. The job centre was not helpful so I set up my own company so that should I not be able to get out of bed if I didn't have too. This has done quite well but could not support me fully, so unfortunately I have to rely on Working Tax credit and my child allowance to support me and pay c tax, g & electric. Last Monday i had a phone call to say that my Rhumy doctor was having to work nights so could not see me on 26th April and that they would send through the earliest appointment. I said that I needed to be mobile for the 13th May and so needed to see him as my ankles were swelling so badly that I could not walk (this is a new symptom) I explained that the 13th May was for my step sons inquest and needed to be in court. Had it through this morning 26th JUNE This is my own Doctor, I feel like they are treating me like a joke!


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