I used to get small itchy red lumps on my chest a lot before, being on aza helped with this but I'm currently off it for two weeks because of low white blood cells and they starting to come back. It's more about how it's harder to hide them cause they are on my chest.

Has anyone had any luck with creams for rashes or get these as well? Or had anything worked apart from medication.

Thank you

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  • I had an itchy rash like this on my legs that I believe was Pretibial Myexoderma ? The only thing that stopped it was taking all the necessary vitamins to calm my immune system and bring my antibodies down. I also had to clean up my diet by substantially reducing dairy and any known triggers like grains or even gluten free breads etcetera. For awhile, I stopped them altogether and the impossible itcy rash went away ! Antibiotics were barely helpful and did not stop it. Only calming down my body worked by avpiding the triggers and supplementing with vitamins.

    You might try it !

  • Yeah I have aveeno cream it's amazing for skin 😊

  • It's likely to be a response to UV light. I have it even when I'm on Aza. You need factor 50 on at all times it makes such a difference.

  • Yeah I was in Spain recently but didn't get any effect from the sun with my lupus I did wear factor 50, but I live in Northern Ireland we don't get much sun lol

  • Do they look/feel like been bitten then take ages to go but leave a scar/mark? plus itch.

  • That's what my rashes on my hands feel like. Small rash that looks and feels like i was bitten by something but then leaves a scar each. Do you know what this is?

  • Hi no but i get them and im not meant to have Lupus or anything according to my Quack! Yet i do/have have loads of red marks now all over like been peppered with a shotgun!

    I take ages to heal

  • Yeah mine used to scar into some weird hard crust it was strange this is going back years left me with scars, I do think it's due to the lupus tho doctors try and tell u other wise never had them before I started getting sick.

  • Yeah it feels like I got bitten but always comes up on my chest, when I first got sick I had them all over left horrible scares I try and leave them alone but hard with the itch sometimes, just wondered if anyone else got these if anything worked keep them down

  • I get really bad rashes on my legs and find the itching is unbearable.

    I thoroughly recommend an oatmeal cream which can be purchased from most large food chains and pharmacies.


  • Hi Jess_Doyle,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing trouble with your rash at the moment. We recently published an article on our blog about coping with itchy rashes which may have some useful tips for you. You can read it at lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

    If you are beginning to have difficulty hiding the rash, you may want to consider skin camouflage. We have another blog article about this at lupusuk.org.uk/skin-camoufl...

    If you need more information about skin involvement in lupus and the treatments used, please take a look at our booklet, ‘Lupus and the Skin’ which you can read and download at lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

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