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Work/life balance?

Feeling frustrated here, been off work for the last month, back pain, then doc reckoned it was kidney stones, then I had a UTI now told its muscular 🙄 Was given cocodamol and diclofenic and discovered they both together help a lot with joint pain 👍🏻 But doc says physio better than pills? Have an appointment with specialist in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed.

Anyways, it's got me to thinking, how do people balance work and having a life? I have a few things booked over the next 2 Months, concerts and trips away, TBH I'm very doubtful I'll do them, which upsets me cos I'm gonna lose money but I can't cope with a day at work just now so the thought of doing "fun" stuff just exhausts me.

How do you still have a life?? Any tips?

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I found that I had to accept a new 'normal' way of life, not an easy thing to do! I had to give up any notion of returning to work and even being a stay at home mum to two young children was very difficult. For the first year after diagnosis my husband gave up work to care for me full time, I was only 29 at the time and we'd only been married 6 years. Now 20 years later my circle of friends has greatly diminished, I just couldn't keep up with them and their social events but then quality beats quantity hands down. My social life is going out for a quiet meal at around 7pm and then home by 10pm, or a coffee with a friend or attending a Lupus Support meeting!! It's just a different life with these conditions and each individual will differ but the important thing is to adapt and accept. This can involve a period of mourning for your old life and will take time and patience and the support of friends and family.


Hi,. Sorry you are struggling right now. I have just returned to work on a phased return after two months off. I had pain that stopped me doing anything, even lying in bed hurt. Gradually it has improved and each week I am a little better and less exhausted. Give yourself time. You may find this improves to a point where you can go to your planned social events by taking a few hours off work the next day. I hope you get a break from the pain soon. I take heat packs to work to help in between pain killers and am managing fine, just finishing early, with a rest day each week. Take care x


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