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I suffer for anxiety, mental health and self harming.

A few weeks ago I had a tribunal and won my case and it was discussed about going into the work based group.

I was under the impression it would be a few months before they start asking me to attend interviews as I never go anywhere alone and did say I wanted to try and get some counselling first and did say this with the tribunal.

What I want to know is what will happen if I advised them I am not ready to be able to attend the interview part due to this reason.

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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from anxiety and feeling distressed.

Have you discussed these difficulties with your GP to see what additional support/treatment they may be able to offer?

Your local Citizen Advice Bureau might be able to help you put across the fact that you are currently not well enough to attend job interviews or/and a work support group.

Personal advisers can defer an interview where it would not be of assistance to you

or appropriate in the circumstances. The kind of issues personal advisers should take into account include:

• a worsened fluctuating condition

• a period in hospital

• inability to attend because of an illness

• transport problems on the day

• recent bereavement

• caring responsibilities (e.g., for someone severely disabled or terminally ill)

• you are in the late stages of pregnancy


The length of a waiver, whether for a few days or for months, is also decided by the personal adviser. There are no rights of appeal in relation to deferrals or waivers, but there are rights of appeal against a sanction being imposed.

You might want to also read this leaflet . In addition we have various support groups across the country and there might be one in your local area where you could find additional support and chat with people who have been through similar experiences. You can find out about a local group on our website here

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I have an appointment for pain management team next week, but so far the GP and specialists are unable to find what is causing it, with the exception that there is swelling by the ribs around the heart area.

Today has been very bad as the pains I get are more like a heart attack, even though that has been ruled out, but until they can say what is causing it.


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