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Hi everyone, Has anyone been to a ESA tribunal?


I am still waiting for the date to attend mine. It would be helpful If I could get some idea of what happens at the appeal interview, as I am feeling quite anxious about it. My medical with the Atos doctor was quite disconcerting to say the least. I would appreciate any information I can get.

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I attended with my son last year and he won his case. He had been suffering from a severe bout of depression. When we went we took with us a lovely lady from the Welfare Rights and although she never actually done anything she was there and knew what should happen. My son went into it with the Welfare Rights woman with me outside as moral support. I was supposed to go in at the end as a witness but they never called me. He also took a letter from his Consultant Psychiatrist stating that my son was unfit for work in his opinion. My advice would be contact Welfare Rights, take as much proof of your illness as possible and if that involves getting statements from your doctors then get it. Doctors are having to provide this information more and more now. I would say to definately take a Welfare Rights person with you and also someone for moral support. Remember the number of people winning their tribunals is huge. Lastly I would say try not to panic, we did and it just never helped and made my son's illness ten times worse. Good luck.

Hi 1kic, I appreciate your reply. I have sent evidence in the form of a consultants letter, and other letters from those who help me regularly. A suppport worker will be attending with me, although he says he cannot give evidece on my behalf, he will attend just to give me moral support. I just hope I can do myself justice on the day and not allow anxiety to take over, because my head goes all over the place when this happens.

thanks a lot for the info.

I'm going through this and waiting for date for my tribunal I contacted the Disability Advisor I Wales that is helping me with my appeal. I'm dreading it also and can't sleep and my face is braking out in cold sores and mouth ulcers they sometimes don't understand that stress is a major factor in our illnesses.

I'm going through the same thing. Let's hope someone will be along soon with an answer for you. All the best. Keep strong.

Even although you have sent evidence please take copies with you. When you are there just remember to speak about your illness and remember the worst day you have had with it and not the best. The anxiety these tribunals cause is horrendous but just remember that the people you will be seeing are completely independent of ATOS and the DWP and are not there to kick you off your benefits but to effectively check up on what those two bodies are doing and in an awful lot of cases the appeals are won. In the case of my son his money was increased and backdated.

I am very pleased for your son. Thanks again for your help and advise.


I agree with all the replies. I agree these tribunals can be stressful and our illness feed and thrive on that. I have had a few meetings and I go in there determined to tell them how bad it is, I write down what it is like on on my worst day(a previous reply mentioned this) and I use this as my guide. I know the realty of my illness like I am sure you do so it is a case of getting it over to the tribunal. Unfortunately I normally crash for 2 days after but I won last time.

Good luck, thinking of you we all have your back.

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