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great afternoon yesterday at the Cambridgeshire Lupus Group AGM

It was terrific to see so many of us there for the AGM, greeted by our fab chair Shelagh and her hardworking committee members: thanks to them, our group goes from strength to strength. between the Cambridgeshire group and this forum, i gotta admit: i almost feel ok about living with lupus.

Paul Howard, who does so much to make this forum as special as it is, gave us an interesting update on positive developments at head office, including what's happening with website and other social media projects...especially our fab forum. after paul, a cambridge tai chi instructor explained his take on tai chi - i had gone to workshops for a year a little while ago, and been put off by the complexity and speed of the movements, but yesterday we learned that tai chi instruction can be tailored to the special needs of go-slows like me who have joint and vertigo probs. this was a very enjoyable presentation, which got some of us out of our chairs trying tai chi moves!. then our popular specialist lupus nurse filled us in on Addenbrookes lupus service achievements and plans: as always her updates are encouraging: truly upbeat!

it was lovely to see so many friends and new faces too yesterday. i especially enjoyed meeting the 2 younger women who sat near me in the audience. this morning i am still on a high from that great meeting: i've only been attending my local group for the 2 years since i was diagnosed, but seems to me all my groups events are super

and, hey: i'm sure ALL the regional Lupus UK groups are as great as ours in cambridgeshire......i just want to reach out here on forum in case there is anyone who lives in cambridgeshire and has been hesitating to attend our gatherings - either the Coffee & Chat events, the AGMs or the Information Days: hope you'll come along and find out for yourself.....

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yes it was as usual, informative and fun!


It is so nice that all groups are experiencing a increase of people coming along to AGMs

and coffee chat times,I think the informal meetings are a way forward,and I must say a big thank you to Paul for bringing this site to us & facebook and the many other things he does

to raise awareness of Lupus.

Well done.


South Wales Lupus Group.


I'm glad that you had a good time on Saturday. It was lovely to be at the event and meet a few of you in person. I really would encourage anybody to make the most of these events organised by the group. It is a unique opportunity to get some insights into what is happening in the lupus community around you and also to get some great information from speakers.


I heard all about it from my Mum who went, she picked up leaflets for me. She's been there for me for the last 23 years bless her. I wouldn't mind but she has own health problems! I live in Northants and as i'm able to work I don't always get to the AGM's and meet ups but I do try. This site has been a tremendous find.


You've got a grrrrreat mum!! I can't always make the meetings either, so feel elated when I do manage to attend. But at least I don't have to travel to be on forum. You get the best of both worlds by combining these things. Take care


Would have loved 2 attend but currently not well enough. My carer is also seriously ill. Hopefully will make it 4 the next one. X


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