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Any suggestions...?! I originally took Plaquenil (Sanofi) but this brand is now discontinued. The generic form of this, on my prescription, gives me serious digestion and stomach upsets to a point I spent months trying to figure out what I thought was irritable bowel syndrome. Has anyone found a good alternative UK brand that doesn't create this side affect. Lupus UK suggests the same formula is now with Zentiva?

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  • Yes. Zentiva Hydroxychloroquine is the same as Plaquenil.

  • Hi KTRim,

    Zentiva is produced with the same formulation as Plaquenil and is produced by a sister company of Sanofi. lupusuk.org.uk/plaquenil-av...

  • Hi KTRim

    Im interested to hear how you connected the plaquenil to your indigestion. I have been on plaquenil for over a year and i am having increased problems with IBS and now im wondering if it is the cause.

  • Hi... Thats interesting - the only way I found out was by running out of medicine a couple of times and putting 2 and 2 together. By that point I was on the generic prescription. I read somewhere that the purer form 'Plaquenil' may stop this issue but now I have to find a chemist to supply different brands as Boots has a mass buy only option. Its now a process of elimination. But in answer to you question my stomach is fine when off the medicine but my aches and white blood cells take a big dive down!

  • OMG YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS. I went up to check my brand of plaquenil ( by way just says hydroxchloroquine blackrock pharmaceutical) and realised i have not been takin it ad forgot to add sleeve to other tabs!!!!! Has this caused my IBS flare or has glands in stomach become inflamed. Im am so glad you brought this up. How could i br so forgetful!back to you are the brand im on what you used to take??

  • I was first started on Hydroxychloroquine in April 2015. The first prescription I had was dispensed as Quinoric. After taking it I felt terrible. Nausea and stomach cramps. I tried to percivere but there was no improvement. I spoke to my GP and he gave me another prescription stating I had to be given Zentiva brand. Have been taking this brand since with no problems at all. I get my prescriptions from Boots with no problem. Have to be sure to put my repeat in in plenty of time as they do have to order this brand in.

  • thank you - i will try this

  • Like GloomyEeyore I get Zentiva brand from Boots who order it in for me.

  • I connect the nausea, grinding, diareah to the drug because my Dr warned me about it. He said to never take it on an empty stomach, and be sure and not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice with it.

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