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For Lupus patients who claim social security benefits I hope this will apply

I saw this link on facebook. I hope this will include Lupus patients. It would be good if Lupus UK pushed that it does

"If their condition is not going to improve, it is not right to ask them to be tested time after time"

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Hi fabwheelie,

I was also wondering if lupus would be considered in the chronic illness list, I have also looked on the NRA site, but no one has any idea if arthritis or any other related illness will be classed in the chronic illness list, so we will just have to cross our fingers & wait and see.


I have lupus in my kidneys level 3 lupus nephritis which is chronic kidney disease and I am on immunosuppressant therapy and so I am hoping this will apply i am currently awaiting result of the mandatory reconsideration as they stopped my esa and told me I am fit for work a complete joke , I got zero points.


You first have to pass the medical assessment & if deemed chronic & no chance of getting any better etc then you won't have to be reassessed. I've just failed medical assessment. Long story, but waiting for another brown envelope to tell me what they've decided. Funnily, I pass the pip medical, which is more or less the same medical? My condition has got worse with heart involvement...doesn't make sense.


I am awaiting PIP Tribunal Hearing date. Sooooo stressful.


It's in the news again about changes to disability benefits

Some of us with Lupus have to accept that we can never work. Continual re assessments to see if we can are distressing and a waste of time for us all. It is also a needless expense on the government paying for these continual assessments

What part of long term conditions, disabilities and mental illness doesn't the government understand? Ah... Pt X are obviously not fit for work, I even see that you had to take "ill-health retirement" , however we now have to give you the extra stress of suggesting you might be. I'm sure the magic wand is our drawer to cure the above!

If GP's are encouraged to approach if someone is fit for work then as patients with long term health conditions can we force GP to put in on their notes that we are not fit for work, and where it applies that we never ever will be fit to work, hence we should not be continually re assessed That way it's a matter of medical record which we can use if asked to re-assesment for ESA PIP etc


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