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Methylprednislone with rituximab infusion

Hi everyone. I Recently seen my renal consultant and said they need to start me on treatment as my lupus is effecting my kidneys (lupus nephritis). I have 2 options- to have rituximab which has to be given with steroids but i dont tolerate steroids as i have a psychotic reation (very scary). Or take mycophenolate for upto 5 years. But would not be able to get pregnant whilst on mycophenolate. My problem is im 30 years of age and plan in the near future to have children. My nephrology consultant says rituximab can be given without steroids, anyone had it without steroids?? Thanks xxx #psychosis #rituximab

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I have it with steroid and antihistamine but I don't think it's necessary. Can you ask the people who administer it at the day unit?

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Thanks for reply Cathie. I did have it 3 years ago with the antihistamine and steroids. Steroids just dont agree with me. Im going to see my rheumy next month so will ask her. I just wanted to know if anyone has had it without the steroids, and was there any complications x


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