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Always Feeling Crap !

Its been a long time since my last post ( I'm not very computer savvy ) I'm still having problems with my blood pressure its either too high or too low and trying to get the meds right seems to be a problem for my GP. On top of that I had a cold for 3 weeks then an awful sickness bug which lasted over a week ! and now another cold which I've had for 4 weeks now going into 5th so no flu jab for me yet. I've also had to have physio on my knee, shoulder and hip. I don't know if anyone else suffers days when you just cant stand up, I feel dizzy and sick and just have to stay in bed or on the sofa, just cant do anything. I hate what this illness does to me, not being able to arrange things as I never know how I'm going to feel when I wake up really sucks, I would love to have a day when I didn't feel unwell, but just smile and pretend all is ok even when its not.

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