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Damp weather

Do other people suffer when they wake up and it's damp outside or been raining in the night? I wake up so stiff I feel about 90 this morning! I can only take tramadol at the moment which doesn't seem to do too much, as I have a problem with anti inflammatories they make my stomach burn even tho I am on omeprazole twice daily.

I have been in this flare for 7 months now non stop and when it's damp it's just awful can barely move.

Any advice would be appreciated on other pain relief too pls!

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Yes Sara I'm the same . Always find weather affects me greatly. But consultants say it's fibromyalgia that's causing it. Lupus causes stiffness but they say if u got lupus more than lightly you have fibro too ! So painful . If I'm in a draft it's the same . I just hurt so much even my clothes hurt me & I find being in bed it's worse . It is difficult. I've had lupus over thirty years & kidney transplant twenty years. It's not easy. X


Well they initially said I had RA 16 yrs ago when it all started (age 21) then fibromyalgia, but since bloods have shown lupus and aps so that's what I'm now diagnosed with!

It's hard as its my hands and wrists that I suffer most with and my back, and the weather really affects me. I know if it's raining before I even look outside!

What do u take for ur pain relief?


I've had everything & hated all the side effects. Amytriptilene I had for the hurting but after a while they get used to you & you have to keep increasing. Had garbapentin & loads more so many to list really. X


Yeah u start to wonder what's side effects and what's the condition! I'm taking tramadol at the mo but don't want to keep taking it everyday. I've not had a great summer so am guessing the winter might be quite bad! As that's worst time of year for me. Recently started azathioprine with hydroxychloroquine just this joint pain struggling with


Hi Sara_A,

You may want to sign up to this research study which is taking place at the moment -

They are collecting information from people who have arthritis or chronic pain in the UK about how the weather affects them.

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Am on it Paul. Fascinating


Ps having blocked all requests for more help with pain and other symptoms today, and said I feel so ill, expensively trained GP suggested " it could be the weather"

Who knew?


I am affected by weather changes, heat, cold, damp, rain, you name it! I find exercise helps with wet weather as I can take no drugs after being over-dosed in 2000 and almost dying. I went out in the rain today because I felt bad in doors with pain. Water is a good conductor of electricity and I am electro-sensitive, too, so going out and moving really helps as our bodies discharge when we move. All drugs have side effects and the more we take the more we will need to take. Sorry to be so negative, but I've been there, done that and suffered the consequences of nearly dying of prescription drug overdose!


Yes! If it's raining I'll end up sleeping in for about 3 hours longer - even without being consciously aware of the weather! Must be something in the air.


Ooh an extra 3 hours in bed that would be great! Unfortunately I have a 3 yr old and 7 month old that just won't allow it! Ha. I find I have to pick them up using inside of my elbows on these days as hands are useless!

I'm sat in bed now thinking it must be damp out as hands are killing! Must definitely have a big impact

I have waited 2wks to see my gp for more pain relief only 2 more days to go!!


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