Coping with the Hot Weather

Coping with the Hot Weather

Hi everybody,

Parts of the UK are experiencing heat waves this week, so I'd like to encourage everybody to take extra care of themselves and others. People with lupus may be at an increased risk of heat exhaustion/heat stroke.

For information and advice about lupus and light sensitivity please read this article on our blog -

For tips on coping in hot weather, please take a look at the NHS Choices website here -

Information about the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and what to do can be found on the NHS Choices website here -

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7 Replies

  • Oh yes the heat really affects us.. went out yesterday and today my hands are painful and claw like been in bed all day

  • I hope that you start to feel better soon avionne

  • Thank you for that Paul just had a read at the tips. I had a hot cup of tea earlier and felt like a radiator at full blast so cold water and juice it is..really hot out there today. I can remember my mother keeping curtains downstairs, in the kitchen and living room, closed all day when the weather was like this, she didnt like the heat, made her very tired..Take care folks

  • Glad to see this pop up on the pinned posts. Today (28 degrees) my joints hurt, my skin is sore (not sunburn) and I am a puddle of sweat and fatigue. Also muchly resent being stuck indoors. Poo....

  • Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the hot weather. I felt it was important to add this back to the pinned posts during the heatwave.

  • For years I've kept my house colder than average both summer and winter and it really helps.. I call it my secret weapon against lupus. Whatever extra I spend keeping the house cool in summer, I save in winter heating costs since it costs more to heat a house than cool it.

    If anyone else complains about how cold the temperature in my house is, I just offer them a sweater and a cup of tea!

  • Thank you for this post! From all the way over in Texas, where the average temp this week has been 100 degrees, these tips are very handy. For some reason, I haven't been applying sunscreen to my body, just my face! Appreciate the reminders.

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