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Almost Gave Up!!!

So....anyways last time I saw my Dr, was in July. Gave me some meds just to last to I see my regular doc, so I try to make appt. N when I got one they end up canceling it from n so I was doing over n over calling to set up appt, at least with a different doc..but nope nothing available. So I went to talk with a nurse told her, I've been in pain n of of meds n I need something. Saw a doc sitting there that saw me before, so I told the nurse I seen her before why can't she just see me. Oh she busy right now. Am like wth am busy everyday n aren't we all. Can you just ask her if she can fill me up some pain meds at least. Got a call at the end of day, your meds are ready to be picked up. I waS like oh good n they say your next appt is September 14. Are you sure, are you sure they won't cancel this one again. Lady didn't say nothing lol. But when I saw the doc she had told me if I didn't had my meds again for another month, my organs would have start failing. This person who was there with me at my appt. Heard it n finally realized how bad Lupus can be, she also said it not something to be messing with. Nobody really knows the meaning of it. Some days your fine n go your day with pain of flat ups, but next day you could be experiencing lupus stuff. I went to ER before my appt. Cuz of a bad back pain that shoot across my front upper belly giving me hard to breath..I guess maybe I was already shutting down than. Now I got all kinds of meds to take, even these meds could help with pain but sometimes it worst, so I something stronger than just tramadol. What do you guys suggest. I hope my story makes sense. Thank you! Hopefully this person will really understand now. Cuz what it's the last.

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