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Oh help! What do I do?

Morning everyone. I'm sure you've all been here at this time of the morning asking yourself "do I phone in sick or battle through?"

I'm trying to make that decision at the moment. Recently I've been doing well and have increased my Azathioprine to 100mg from 75mg, as planned by my team to get me up to the correct dose for my weight. Trouble is all last week I had the worst (sorry guys) diarrhoea and nausea. It made me feel terrible. After a discussion with my brilliant lupus nurse on Friday she said to hold off the Azathioprine for a few days and get bloods done. Now waiting for the results.

Over the weekend I have had the worst fatigue in months, joint pain everywhere, nausea and terrible tinnitus. My stomach hurts like serositis and my glands are so big in my groin I look like I'm growing a pair of plums 😱!

I'm not entirely sure I should be going to work let alone driving but feel so guilty at having to phone in sick. I work in a hospital and Mondays are always really busy, it will just make it worse if I don't go in but feel pretty terrible. I've also got a lot of pain over my liver/gallbladder.

Does anyone else get guilt ridden when they are off sick? I have increased my steroids a bit but can't really move much for the pain, fatigue and nausea.

Oh help!

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Hi happy tulip

So sorry to read your very poorly at the moment. In case you have a virus not a flare , it wouldn't help you or the hospital if you struggled into work . Our hospital has a sign up if you've had diorrhea not to go in or visit someone on the wards!. This is how bugs are spread!. Hope that helps you decide. Not easy I know, you don't want to let colleagues down. Hope your better soon. Good luck for blood results. X


Thanks, I'm convinced it is the result of the medication +\- a flare. I've had hospital bugs before and this feels entirely different. I'd never put patients or colleagues at risk but have taken the day off as every joint is screaming at me. Thanks for your kindness. Lupus flares just suck!


Hi happy tulip

Hope you feel better soon after having today off. X

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I feel your pain, happytulip!

I'm a mental health nurse for kids and each time I've gone off sick, I've felt so guilty that i was constantly ringing the office to make sure that my colleagues taking care of "my" patients.

6 months after I last went to work, I have finally managed to wean myself off this intensely irritating habit! This long spell away has helped me to realise that a) I am not indispensible - my colleagues are actually as good at their job as I am (shock horror!) b) going in when I was distracted by constantly worrying "How can I get through this next appointment?" or "Is it fair to offer a follow-up appointment next week when I might not make it in?" was doing my patients no favours.

But it *is* hard.


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