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Anyone else see "TRUST ME I'M A DOCTOR" last night?

Great gadget just developed apparently.

Electronic device once size of about inch and a half (sorry, dont do new money) diameter implant like pacemaker been used in trial to end pain of RA. Sorted nerve of this autoimmune condition. Others to follow. Now small oblong less than penny width, complete with battery to be used. Lady still had joints of RA but no pain!!!!!!!

No doubt long way from being over counter here so to speak, but hey guys? Autoimmune defeated? What a thought.

My mind is truly boggled. My gob is truly smacked!

Wait til DWP hear about it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

BTW ct scan went well. Began gluten free two mins later🍰🍰🍰.

NO gastric reaction to gf so happy days.

Also, GP surgery WILL NOT prescribe the go to pill for Sjogrens, sorry, memory fail, end in pin?? Specialist in Manchester has to fax alternative. ALL pharmacies here CAN NOT get it????

Methinks, postcode lottery. Ah the frozen north!

Oh well, first home game of season tomorrow. Gettin!

Love to all


Added hours later... Pilocarpine? So proud of myself for remembering that!

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Yes I saw it. But what we see on the box and newspapers seem to take years to appear in reality. Looked good though.

Can't understand why your GP won't give you Pilocarpine. It's a pretty standard drug. What a bummer ! Actually saying that I couldn't take it because it didn't agree with me....but plenty get on fine.


We reckon cost, and also with MAN ROY INFIRMARY initially prescribing it, these want Man to pay for it! Bizarre, unbelievable petty and just unprofessional..

Sorry you cannot take it. Typical!

Bst wishes


PS WE WON! Get in!


Yes it was very interesting. If it becomes available it would help so many people, here's hoping!!! X

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Thank you - you just brought a big smile to my face!!!

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There is a already a device on the UK market for a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator by electocore. I was offered this by my gastroenterologist (for my gastroparesis) although, I'm still waiting. On the NRAS HU, a member of their staff said it is likely to be many years before it is available but I am not sure why. If it's being trailed for other conditions, why can't people with RA (and other autoimmune disease) be offered this? Why do we have to wait? I understand there are risks and costs surrounding the implantable device but the non-invasive decide is held against your neck, that's it!

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Exactly Crashdolly! Exactly!

I shall check out NRAS HU

Thanks for your response. Appreciate it!



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