The change

Can't believe the change i am seeing in myself from only Monday. The job i am doing i really enjoy. I have only been having a few stupid thoughts over 3 days instead of constantly having loads and have not being so much extreme worrying as well.

My confidence is improving i think. I am talking to other women in the classroom with me a lot more now compared to on Monday i when wouldn't even talk to anymore. Still need to improve talking to people when on break and lunch in the staff room instead of being on my phone. small steps is enough to keep me happy the moment.

Surprised how well i am coping with the 6am wake up. Only a bit of pain in my feet before i start getting moving. Had a few pains in my neck and back today from standing to long. My knees were hurting a bit today when i had to get on them to play with one of the girls during their soft play time.

I have gelled up with my ibuprofen gel. I do it once in the morning , once when i get home and once before i go to bed. The stuff is so good especially when i get pain in my neck or left shoulder.

My jaw pain has started to lessen in regards to the tightening when eating. I hope by saturday when i eat my jaw shouldnt be tightening anymore. I should just be left with horrible clicking noise and the feeling that its going to lock.

Will report on my day tomorrow once i come home from Volunteering at the girls group in my local area.

Thank you everyone for you comments of previous posts. I look forward to reading them. It makes me feel a lot more motivated.

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  • I am so pleased for you! It makes such a difference to your mood and confidence when you find something you enjoy. Good luck for the future😀😀😀😀😀

  • Lou - I'm so glad you are having a good experience. You've grown up so much in just a few days. Long may it last

    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • So glad you are enjoying yourself in your new job.

    Thoroughly deserved.

    Keep it up.



  • I'm following along to see how you are doing, and I'm thrilled at how well it's going. Well done!

  • Hi loulamb

    Well done with coping so well with your first week at work!. It will give you so much confidence, can see the change in your posts. Keep at it, small steps will lead to giant ones!. X

  • You are doing so well! Brilliant news. I love reading your updates. Your confidence with your job and yourself will grow over time. Confidence has a lot to do with age too. At 42 years old, I much more confident and at ease with myself than I was when I was in my late teens. You are doing so well. Your job will give you a sense of purpose too. Before you know it, you will have plenty of collegues to chat to in the staff room. So pleased for you.

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