Cellcept v myfenax update

I posted a while ago that I was concerned that my symptoms had stared to return after I swapped from branded mycophenolate, (cellcept) to the NHS unbranded (myfenax)

I saw the specialistnurse last week and expressed my theory.

She was listened and got a senior regarding from another team to see me as my consultant was not available.

They agreed that I may be right and I was prescribed cellcept and my oral prednisone was increased from 2.5mg to 7.5mgAn appointment was made for me to see my consultant in two weeks.

A good result you would think, however, my trip to the hospital pharmacy didn't go so well. Cellcept was unavailable and it would take 3 working days to get it!

That was a week ago now and still no word on it probably due to the bank holiday.

Anyway the increased prednisone made me feel better in the short term, and I suspect I will be offered an increased dose of cellcept (if they ever get it) next week.

I know there were people who were interested to know if they would prescribe cellcept rather than myfenax, I will keep you infomed

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YIKES‼️ Our GP surgery makes us wait 3 days for most repeat prescrips...but this is a hospital pharmacy... 😜

Many thanks for this update creaky: I'd been looking forward to more news coming in

🍀🍀🍀 🍀 Coco


Even hospital pharmacies can't afford to keep large stocks of anything these days - particularly when it is something that isn't used a lot. It's hard on the patient but it's going to get worse I suspect...

On the positive side - at least they listened and agreed it was likely!


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