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Results from MRI scan show I have narrowing of the spinal canal in my lower back, now I'm waiting to see a neurologist at the spinal unit. My GP has discussed treatment and she was against having a operation as it will leave scar tissue but I'm really unsure. So any of you good people who have had any experience of this problem will help me understand ...... In the meantime I purchased a excersiise bike to help strengthen my legs and back, just hope I've done the right thing, just hope it doesn't set off a flare.........

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  • My mum ,aunt and cousin all had spinal stenosis which i am thinking you have?? My aunt and cousin had a rod put in their spine which they regreted- this was 15 years ago and things have progressed. I would think long and hard about surgery as it is a big step. My heart goes out to you as i have had severe back probs on and off. Wish you all the best 😀😀😀

  • I am a Lupie with a spinal injury too, and every professional I've spoken to has advised me to avoid surgery as long as possible. I do stretching exercise every morning & find that these help enormously.

  • Hi HazelW, have tried stretching exercises after my GP said it may help. I found I could manage and enjoyed it on the morning, the following day I could not get out of bed, when this happens I cannot stand or sit upright and it takes a week before I can manage to get out of bed, at this point I still cannot stand upright that takes a few more days. I have to be so careful with what I can/cannot do.....I have a wonderful husband who helps me manage this condition as I am very limited with general housework and cooking as I cannot stand for long. My GP has mentioned spinal stenosis, I'm still researching it. This is just another condition I have to manage. Wishing you well 😀😀

  • Oh dear - I feel so bad for you. Exercises obviously aren't the answer for you! Keep fighting though! I hope you find some way to ease your pain soon.

  • I have spinal stenosis L3/4 causing me major problems. Had MRI and diagnostic nerve blocks (they worked brilliantly I cried with the relief of the pain for 24 hours!) I am now due spinal surgery at Walton Neuro as my consultant is very sure it will help with my pain. I can't wait. One less pain of many with Lupus! Good luck and hope you get your answer. I'm at Manchester Royal Infirmary which is centre of excellence and they are truly excellent. Prof Bruce, Dr Ben Parker, Dr Ho to name but a few of the team. The nurses are amazing too. Nothing too much trouble and no question too daft! 😄 X

  • sam im near warrington can i ask if this gave you any knee or ankle problems

  • Hi minka, when my spine is inflamed in my lower back both of my legs are effected as I cannot stand at all and the pain is only eased by laying down . I do feel my legs have become weak, my left knee joint is painful my ankles are swollen, my arms have started to have tingling sensation especially in my elbows, this may be due to the inflammation in my spine.

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